Thursday, May 5, 2011

This Zibbet shop goes all the way in eco-friendly.
I ordered a PIF (pay it forward) from Thoughtful Gems. It is a cool little spiral notebook made with a used gift card from Toys R Us. My daughter will love it. 
Not only did I get the PIF in the mail quickly, but she also sent me an extra gift of another little notebook.
I was highly impressed with wrapping.
It came in a paper bubble envelope, the items were sealed in a cello bag that is certified biodegradable and compostable. I like that! Her products and packaging are 100% recycled content. 
Inside the cello bag, the notebooks were gift wrapped in brown paper and tied with string, probably hemp.
Anything from Thoughtful Gems would make wonderful gifts that could be shipped to the recipent direct and you would know how presentable they will arrive to the giftee.
Talk about "thoughtful." I'd like to thank Thoughtful Gems for being so thoughtful of our Mother Earth and the future generations of children.

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