Saturday, January 17, 2009

Now here's a different treasury.... and I'm in it.

I was going to give credit to the creator of the treasury, but when I went back to get the information, the treasury was gone.

This button is now on ZIBBET.

Safe Sex
Vintage Button

Get it HERE.

Featured Artist: Chandler

My friend Summer who sells her homemade candy on Etsy just told me that her daughter has opened an Etsy shop. SweetTeeHamBone. I just love these glass bottle magnets her young daughter made from recycled items.

I have a DREAM.... Treasury

XPoppysWickedGardenX created a wonderful treasury she calls "I have a DREAM...."

It was especially nice of her to include one of my buttons in her Treasury because she, also, makes buttons at her other shop called RockIt Buttons.

That's the kind of community we have going on at Etsy. Gives a person warm fuzzy feelings.

And that's how I feel about Barack Obama, too. I went to hear him speak during the elections. He generates so much love and warmth.

We are on our way to a better world...

The Color Me Human button can be purchased here.

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