Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Santa Button

I've been making this "Dear Santa" button for many years. It's a custom made button you can advertise what you hope to get for Christmas for weeks or months before the holidays. You could wear it all year long for better results. I can include a FREE magnet so you can post your message button on the fridge.

Customers have had me make many different saying over the years:

Dear Santa, I want everything.

Dear Santa, Please Bring Gifts from LL Bean.

Dear Santa, All I want is Peace on Earth.

This year's sample saying was: Dear Santa, Please Bring Gifts from Etsy this year.

Thank you to Merkaba Jewelry for including my Dear Santa button in her Etsy Treasury called: Random Maybe

To see the many other choices of custom made buttons I can make for you, check out this section of my Etsy Store.

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