Sunday, November 14, 2010

This was FuN ::: Quilts Made in a Tin Can

I sold another banner on Zibbet. A sale is nice to get, yes, yeah, WOOT!, and all that hip hip hooray stuff. But besides the dollar factor it was the communication and friendly banter back and forth, the LOLs, that made this an especially fun Zibbet Shop Banner to do. The "communication" factor and the "making friends" factor is the best part of selling on line.

Now that this banner, avatar and business card is done, I can tell you that shopping with the Tin Can Quilter will be a pleasurable experience. 

Stranger turned friend and I look forward to the Tin Can parking in my yard for a visit someday. 
Check out the Tin Can Quilter to read how her shop was named and all about the "real tin can." 

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