Saturday, May 8, 2010

Found a baby bird in our yard today

Here it is past noon and I haven't done any work on my Zibbet shops yet today. My daughter found a baby bird in the back yard. A BIG baby bird. Fluffy and cute as all get out.

She went out to take photos and it didn't run away from her. Thinking it might be hurt or sick, she captured it and we took it to the Wildlife Rescue place. They said the baby vulture is no more than a month old, not old enough to fly, and doesn't know to be scared of humans yet. They kept the bird and we were told to hunt for the nest. Vultures make their nests on the ground, under sheds, under anything. The nest consists of nothing for a few leaves.

Since our property is covered in oak trees, most of the earth is covered in leaves. So we are having a hard time fining the nest.

If we do find the nest, wildlife rescue will come out here and reunite the baby with the mother.

I hope we can find the nesting location.

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