Monday, May 3, 2010

So many things to blog about.....

I have so many things to blog about I am getting behind and had to make a written list.

So coming soon........

  1. A blog post about a contest entered on "Great Finds" and won vegan makeup from "Mineral Love." Since I don't wear makeup, Mineral Love put together a package of makeup for BOTH my daughters using photographs of them. As soon as both daughters are home at the same time I'll get them to use it and I'll take photos to post here.
  2. A blog post about an email I got announcing I was the winner of fabric drawstring bag that turned out to be a mistake, because I actually did not win. Wait till you read how that turned;s a touching story. Coming soon with photos.
  3. A blog post about a super nice buyer who used the origami she bought from my daughter in one awesome wall decoration for her home. Don't miss that post!
  4. A blog post about a trade I did of buttons for a pillow and where that pillow was headed....... This will be a fun one.
  5. A blog post about my daughter's birthday, the one who loves duckies, and the 2 cool duckies I found on Zibbet.
  6. A blog post about a seller on Etsy who makes fiber bowls. My daughter bought me one of the bowls 2 Christmases ago and OMG what happened to. 

I suppose I should blog about the 6 orders from 2 of my Zibbet shops that are spread out on my desk right now.....but I'm quitting blogging for now and going to finish up my orders.

Stop back in soon, please.

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