Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Gift Maker

An older blog post from my personal blog. I think I am going to post some of them here. My blog is prvate because I have been blogging since my daughters were little kidlets and just never felt safe announcing to the world where they were, where they went and yada yada.

The Purple Rat doing a sewing project to surprise her BF for his birthday

The Purple Rat bought a hat pattern and made a hat for her BF, for his birthday, so when they go to New York someday, he'll be warm.

When it was done, she tried it on to make sure it was way too big on her. And it was.
DJ with his hat on and his birthday buttons from Portable Graffiti. Lucky guy, I gave him the Archie Bunker for President button from my collection. He likes the band U-2, so I gave him some square U-2 Buttons
I think she should make some of these to sell on Zibbet, don't you? Maybe a bit larger for guys, though. ; )

An Oven Adventure

My oven door fell off and it has turned into an adventure...

I placed an ad on my Local Yahoo Groups Bulletin Board asking for advice on attaching an oven door. One reply lead to Julie and her husband coming over. Julie's husband spent a long time trying to put the door back on. We even used the Internet for directions on how to do it with this specific Whirlpool stove. It was finally deemed impossible. But Julie and I had a good time yacking about New York State while he worked on it. 

They knew of another stove that they could get for me for free. How cool is that. So a few days later they delivered a nice white GE stove with a glass top, quite similar to the one I have except mine is a Whirlpool. The only thing missing was oven racks, but we assumed we could just use the racks from my stove. Not! The size was different. Mine are too wide.

Oh well, now I had a nice stove and all I had to do was find some oven racks that fit. That should be easy.

Or maybe not so easy. The stove has been an ongoing adventure for close to a month. I posted wanted ads on Freecycle for stove racks and got 2 but they didn't fit. I went to some metal recycle places with no luck. I went to appliance stores. To buy a replacement is very expensive. Then I went to the local dump. They had a pile of appliances there including stoves. Told the guard at the gate my saga and he said they are not allowed to sell parts due to insurance reasons.  Okay so then he says but you can buy a whole stove. I asked how much and he said $10. Cool, well that's cheaper than buying an oven rack. So I asked to go look at them.

I was carrying an oven rack that is too large for the oven, and planned to use it as a measuring tool to find a stove with smaller racks. I spotted a GE stove and worked like the dickens to ease it out so I could peek in the oven door. Weird they can't sell the racks because of insurance reasons but they let me shove all that heavy metal stuff around. I could have been killed. LOL There was metal stuff on top of it, too. Finally got it out, opened the door, and no oven racks inside it. Rats!

So I went to the next stove and went through a worse ordeal, because that one had a glass top that was smashed, glass shards all over the place, and heavy metal stuff on top of it. It was hot that day and this was in the full sun. I swore at the thing until I got it so I could open the oven. Yeah! Oven racks, 2 of them. I pulled one out, set it on top of the one I brought there, and sure enough, it was narrower.  Without even thinking about it, I set down the oven rack I had brought into the junk pile, and carried the newly found one out.

I walked past the guard at the gate feeling like a criminal, but then told myself, "Hey they get paid in weight for that stuff and I just left a larger heavier rack for them. The stove was smashed and unusable and destined for metal recycling." (end of guilt trip)

I couldn't wait to get home and try it out. My heart sunk when I discovered it was too narrow and wouldn't work. Now I had a total of 5 oven racks and none of them fit in this GE oven.

Yesterday I called the appliance repairman even though I still owe him $75 for the time he repaired my refrigerator. He came over today, and in about 3 minutes flat he had the oven door back on. He said there is a trick to it. He demonstrated by taking the door off, as I was cringing thinking, he won't be able to put it on again. But he did, he put the door on, he took it off, he put it on again. 

He said no charge for attaching the oven door, but of course I paid for the refrigerator repair (with a post dated check.)

He does not have a dolly and so the stove is on the front porch and now I need the stoves switched out. 

I am getting closer to being able to bake something. All that is left to do is find someone who has a dolly and knows how to change the electric plug and can do the  stove switch. I can almost smell brownies baking. 

Anyone need some oven racks? What could they be upcycled into? Perhaps repurposed into something to sell on Zibbet?

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