Saturday, June 5, 2010

Always a fun day when packages arrive

I was perusing the Zibbet Community the other day and saw this bookmark posed on the cover of Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral.

It caught my eye because this is one of the books on my very long list I want to read. I've been trading books on paperbackswap since 2006. I have mailed out 208 books and received 187 books.

I commented where the photo was posted and said that I should get that bookmark for reading that book. I went to her shop "All About the Buttons" to buy the bookmark, but got distracted by all the other wonderful things in her shop. I decided what I really needed was dish cloths. She makes some really nice 100% cotton ones. I ordered the dish cloths instead and told her I needed those more than a bookmark because I generally just use a piece of paper, the slip that comes with the paperbackswap books.

I took Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral off the bookcase. Okay not "the" bookshelf, but "one of" the bookcases. (More confessions: I have 8 bookcases in this house crammed with books.)

I brought the book to the "reading room" and began reading. When I stopped, I realized there was no paper slip in the book so I used the other kind of paper found in the "reading room."

When I opened up the package from All About the Buttons, not only did I find the exquisite dish cloths, but a wonderful surprise was also enclosed.....a bookmark.....

.....with a cute little card that said, "Enjoy! Slips of paper doesn't cut it! Barbra" Wasn't that sweet?

All About the Buttons makes all kinds of things from clocks to cozies and everything has buttons on it. If you need some nice gifts to have on hand, wouldn't these wash cloths make a a pretty package. Look how nice she presents them,

My Prize Arrived

Isn't this the most beautiful quilt ever? I love it. I won this quilt on Tootsy Two's Blog. She had a contest and I'm the winner.

I had Scuffy test it out and he says it's perfect. (Scuffy is my bear from when I was a little tike.) Okay I'll admit it, he was my teddy bear even longer than that. I took him with me on my honeymoon and quite a few other places as well. Now he sits on the shelf because he's too fragile to sleep with.

I have decide that this quilt is too special to use right now, so it's going in the cedar chest and will be given to my first granddaughter.

You can buy your own Tootsy Two quilts on Zibbet.

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