Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Making of a Map Button

My map buttons are made from actual maps. Get a piece of the world in your very own button for ONLY $2.50

This is how they are made. My customer paid for this listing on my Portable Graffiti Zibbet shop. She requested a button with Zadar, Croatia. I searched through my big tub filled with maps until I found this map. 

I located Zadar, Croatia.....

See, there it is......

I line my trusty circle cutter up so Zadar is in the center....

...and I cut it out.

Here's the finished button....

....and the back of the button.

Each button gets packed in a cello bag to protect it.
I grab a padded mailing envelope, the other buttons and magnets that my customer ordered, one of my "thank you" business cards, a Portable Graffiti button, and a Zibbet button, to promote Zibbet.

Everything goes into the envelope and gets weighed...

I print out a Pay Pal mailing label and pay the postage on line.
I attach it to the envelope and it's ready to ship.

What place in the world would you like in your button?

Prefer a magnet or a mirror?
Just ask.
I make 4 sizes.

June 12 Peace Rally Buttons

These are buttons from my collection.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Portable Graffiti's Last Year at Shows

It takes years to get a craft booth set up just the way you want it. Just found these photos taken in 1989 or 90, the last year we did shows with the buttons. 

Making Product Tags

Need product tags?
Get them on Zibbet at Portable Graffiti Graphics.

Each circle is cut individually and holes are punched one by one.

Cute Rubber Duckies Found on Zibbet

This is going to be a well-loved gift. I found this awesome bib set on Zibbet at Comfie Cozie Creations.
They came wrapped in pretty tissue and a cute thank you sticker. They are cotton on one side and terry on the other side. One has a pocket. They are made really well. And I am glad I purchased them. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Evolution of a Shop Banner

I made the first 2 banners pictured here for Handmade Fuzzy, a shop on
and she liked parts of one and parts of the other. 

I combined what she liked into this banner.

But she wanted more of her hand knitting photo to show.
So I changed her banner to this:

Then tried it with a stylized background.

She wanted a script font, so I switched fonts and gave it a white highlight.
She liked this one.

But I still wasn't satisfied with the look,
and made one more banner.
This one:

And that's the one she picked.
You can see it in her shop at:

If you need a shop banner, business card designs, web ads or any kind of graphics, 
I am happy to work with you. 
Just visit

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hanging Out in the Zibbet Community

I check the Zibbet Community Hub often throughout the day and evening. But I don't stay there long because I have work to do. I use the forum there but hardly ever do I look at the chat feature. Last night I did for some unknown reason. I met a new Zibbeter, made a new friend. We got talking about how broke we are. She needed a shop banner. And I made a trade. Victorian Spice has lots of neat treasures from yesterday for you to find today.

This is her new shop banner and avatar made by me, Portable Graffiti Graphics.

This will be my new grinder when it arrives. My mother used to have one like this.

There are plenty of treasures at Victorian Spice, so get over there and see what you find.

So Pretty for Baby Gift from Mimi & Colette

This is my second purchases from Mimi and Colette. Her items always come beautifully wrapped with the tissue paper not taped so it can be reused. Pretty ribbon that goes will with the gift inside. I bought a large fabric gift bag for a baby shower present and a duck bib. Both the bag and the bib are reversible. She even sent me a free gift. I'm keeping the fabric bracelet for myself. In fact, I am wearing it now. It's really nice and you don't even know you are wearing it. Makes me want a bunch more of them. At Mimi & Colette you always find new and interesting things to buy....everything from shopping bags to pet supplies. Quality made products at affordable prices. 

I also love how Mimi & Colette presented her business card, so it coordinates with the gift, which assures the person will include the card when they give the gift. 

x' and o'x Came with this Zibbet Purchase

I bought this cool gypsy bracelet for my daughter for christmas. I hardly ever buy her jewelry but for some reason this bracelet called out to me. The beads are from Morocco. It arrived wrapped in pretty rose tissue paper that wasn't taped, so I could open it, see it, and reuse the paper for wrapping it back up. I love the x's and o's ribbon. And I even got a free gift of pretty earrings. So now I have another gift to give someone. Check out From Me To You on Zibbet. 

Shhhh don't tell the rats.

I ordered these on Zibbet for a gift for The Purple Rat's rats. She has 4 rats, so I figured 2 per tent.  You can find these and many other pretty pet tents at Laurel's Zoo on Zibbet

Double the Luck

I bought these lucky pennies on Zibbet. They will be my gift to my daughter's dog. Why two? Because I  put a different phone number on each one. If the dog is lost, and the finder calls one number and gets no answer, there is still another number to call. I thought they were cute and would make fun dog jewelry. They came in a box with a ribbon ready for gifting. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Peek into How I Make Business Cards

When I get an order for a shop banner or a business card, oftentimes the customer pretty much leaves it up to me to design it for them. Without any vague idea as to what the customer wants sometimes I end up making up to 25 designs or more before my customer and myself are happy with the end results. I don't mind one bit. I want my customers to be 100% happy and I want to love the end result as well.

Currently I am working on a business card for JacBer Creations which is based in New Zealand and has a shop on Zibbet. Here is proof #1, proof #2 and proof #3. Her business card may end up like this or it may become something totally different. Stop back again to see how this business card by Portable Graffiti Graphics evolves.

Proof #1

Proof #2

Proof #3

UPDATE Proof #4 (per Nifty's Comments and another change I made)

UPDATE Proof #5: Just playing around.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This was FuN ::: Quilts Made in a Tin Can

I sold another banner on Zibbet. A sale is nice to get, yes, yeah, WOOT!, and all that hip hip hooray stuff. But besides the dollar factor it was the communication and friendly banter back and forth, the LOLs, that made this an especially fun Zibbet Shop Banner to do. The "communication" factor and the "making friends" factor is the best part of selling on line.

Now that this banner, avatar and business card is done, I can tell you that shopping with the Tin Can Quilter will be a pleasurable experience. 

Stranger turned friend and I look forward to the Tin Can parking in my yard for a visit someday. 
Check out the Tin Can Quilter to read how her shop was named and all about the "real tin can." 

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Cupcake Cuppy: Enter to win an iPad!

The Cupcake Cuppy: Enter to win an iPad!: "Zibbet, THE place to buy unique, handmade products from the maker, is currently having a HUGE promotion! Crafters and artists, if you sign..."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Update on Gypsy Goods Organic Coffee Filters

If you haven't switched to fabric coffee filters yet, I urge you to get with the program. You don't want to throw all those coffee filters in the trash, do you? I hope not. Some are made of 100% paper, and can go in your compost pile. Do you have a compost pile?

Some paper filters have other weird unidentifiable things in them that your coffee has to seep through before you get to drink it. Yuck.

Beyond going "green" there is another reason to use fabric coffee filters. Saving You will save an incredible amount of money when you no longer have to write coffee filters on your grocery shopping list.

They are so easy to use. They start out white. With each use they turn brown and browner, which is just the lovely coffee naturally dying the color of the fabric.

In this photo of my coffee filters, some of which I have been using for years, I have assessed each one. The results are that Gypsy Goods Organic Coffee Filters which you can find on Zibbet, are the best in every way. Get yours today and stop tossing filters and money in the garbage (or compost pile.)

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