Monday, August 30, 2010

Gotta Get a Zibbet Keychain

I did an awesome trade with Scott, the owner of the Dusty Newt. I hope he likes the buttons I made for him as much I love this keychain.

I used to do the state fairs and I've seen many wooden name keychains before, so what I got in the mail today was not what I was expecting. The wooden name keychains at the fairs have ragged edges, and aren't sanded. When you order from the Dusty Newt on Zibbet, expect quality.

This key chain is glossy smooth, made extremely well!!

The metal key ring is large enough to stuff a mess of keys onto it. And get this! It comes with a lifetime guarantee. Seriously.

If you don't want an

I♥ZIBBET keychain......Scott makes any names or words you want. Check it out!

Another neat thing happened today. I went into an Army-Navy store to purchase a new can opener because the one I have is so worn out it won't cut butter. The only ones they had were the same kind I have. I was explaining to the clerk that I want the smaller ones, the real military issue can opener. But that was all he had. A young man in uniform heard the conversation and told me had one in his truck. He went out to get it and brought it back into the store. Took it off his keys and gave it to me. That made my day, too! I offered to pay for it, but he refused. I gave him one of my buttons with my web site on it and told him to stop by my shop and pick out a button, and just let me know he gave me the can opener, and I'll make him a button for free. I don't know if he ever will, but I hope he does.

You can see the new can opener n the first photo.

D-E-F Danielle-Earl-Fiona

Danielle has passed us by, Earl, now a Cat 4, might just skim the US, but he keeps ducking lower. Fiona remains to be seen, but is also projected to curve north.

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