Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Ugliest Treasury Ever

I was just perusing Treasury West and discovered I was in the "Ugliest Treasury Ever, " chosen by Kay Sommers.

To buy the button in the treasury click here.

To see all 665 of my buttons, currently posted (Many MORE to come.) click here.

Uh oh I'm an Etsy Addict

I sure had fun holiday shopping this year. This must qualify me as an Etsy Addict. I spent all the money I made selling buttons in My Etsy Shop on gifts from other Etsy Shops.

But look at all the wonderful handmade things I bought.

Greater than that, I made some new friends in faraway places like Portugal, Finland, the UK, Japan, and Canada.

To wrap all these wonderful Etsy handmade gifts I just had to buy some of the wonderful cloth gift bags I found in Etsy shops. And that's how I made a friend in Missouri.

I just combined fun and work. I had fun combining these photos in Photoshop and I learned a lot too. Time to go to work and use Photoshop to create some fun new buttons. See ya at Portable Graffiti.


Portable Graffiti has moved to ZIBBET

Youngest daughter's favorite gift was a woodcarving of a Sandhill Crane by Sandra Healy.

Oldest daughter's favorite gift was a Twilight Necklace by Shadesongs.


Portable Graffiti has moved to ZIBBET

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