Friday, April 2, 2010

Relay for Life buttons to raise money in Florida

This customer wanted a wide variety of Relay for Life buttons, very specialized. I made 100 buttons for them, and they almost sold out the first week. Just made them another 100 buttons. I hope you guys make a bundle for this good cause. Need buttons to raise money? I have low quantity prices.

See all my button on Zibbet at Portable Graffiti.

 Relay For My Mother - 12
I Relay For My Friend - 24
I Relay For My Grandma - 6
I Relay For My Grandpa - 6
I Relay For My Sister - 12
I Relay For My Daughter - 6
I Relay For ME! - 24
I Relay for My Mother-in-Law - 12
I Relay for My Father-in-Law - 6
I Relay for My Nannie - 2
I Relay for My Dog - 2

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