Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eco-Friendly Purchase from Mimi & Colette

I love this Swiffer cover I bought from Mimi & Colette. First, I want to make it clear that I have never used a Swiffer as they are sold with those disgusting-smelling chemical-soaked disposable things that you put on them. My sister bought me the Swiffer a long time ago, and it just sat with the broom and did not get used.

When I saw that people could now buy a reusable cotton cover for this cleaning gadget, I thought that was pretty cool. I ordered mine from Mimi & Colette on They come in all different colors, made from 100% Cotton. You can wash them over and over. Nothing to ever throw into the landfills. That makes me very happy.

Look how products from Mimi & Colette arrive in the mail...wrapped you can order from her shop and have the items mailed directly to the person who want to give a gift to. That saves a lot of postage costs, and you don't have to gift wrap it and go to the post office.

I LOVE how Mimi & Colette did not use tape on the tissue!!! Look at this, so neat! I can fold up that tissue and REUSE the paper and the ribbon.

And here's my reusable cotton Swiffer cover which she sent to me with a really nice personally hand written thank you card and a FREE GIFT!!! Mimi & Colette sent a wonderful cotton hand made wash cloth and I just LOVE the purple. 

I HIGHLY recommend this Zibbet shop. So stop on by Mimi & Colette and see all the other wonderful items she makes.

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