Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Making of a Map Button

My map buttons are made from actual maps. Get a piece of the world in your very own button for ONLY $2.50

This is how they are made. My customer paid for this listing on my Portable Graffiti Zibbet shop. She requested a button with Zadar, Croatia. I searched through my big tub filled with maps until I found this map. 

I located Zadar, Croatia.....

See, there it is......

I line my trusty circle cutter up so Zadar is in the center....

...and I cut it out.

Here's the finished button....

....and the back of the button.

Each button gets packed in a cello bag to protect it.
I grab a padded mailing envelope, the other buttons and magnets that my customer ordered, one of my "thank you" business cards, a Portable Graffiti button, and a Zibbet button, to promote Zibbet.

Everything goes into the envelope and gets weighed...

I print out a Pay Pal mailing label and pay the postage on line.
I attach it to the envelope and it's ready to ship.

What place in the world would you like in your button?

Prefer a magnet or a mirror?
Just ask.
I make 4 sizes.

June 12 Peace Rally Buttons

These are buttons from my collection.

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