Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Bags for my Mirrors

I got some exciting mail yesterday from the OleBagLady. She sent me some new bags she made for my mirrors. Now some of my mirrors can be purchased with bags and pouches. She does a very professional job of sewing. Trust me, you would not want a bag sewn by me. I bought holiday fabric bags from her last year. It is wonderful to not use paper gift wrap anymore. The fabric bags get folded neatly and used year after year.

My daughter voted she liked this mirror pouch best which comes with a Rafiki Mirror. It's a one-of-kind.

I think the Troll and Unicorn mirror with this glittery pink bag is really pretty. There are 100 mirrors to choose from. Some come with bags and some do not. If you see a mirror you want but also want a bag contact TheOleBagLady and ask for a custom made bag. She does a great job.

I have mirrors to take on your vacation.

A mirror to bring to a friend in the hospital.

A gift for your hairdresser.

For a wedding or bridal shower.

A mirror to take on a picnic to the beach.

Currently 100 different mirrors to choose from. If there is something special you want on a mirror, a beloved photo like this one of my father and my daughter, just ask and I will be happy to make it for you.

Rock 'n' Roll is Forever...but these Rock 'n' Roll pins won't be in my shop forever

I've seen so many of these vintage rock and roll pins tucked away in people's "favorites" on Etsy. I was just going through stock and noticed the bags in the tubs are getting thinner. These buttons won't last forever. Today I sold one Anthrax that I had listed as the LAST ONE. But I also sold an REO Speedwagon that I thought I had more of. I don't. That was the last one, too. I do have other Anthrax pins in the shop.

Stop in sometime and browse. Over 800 buttons listed. But, many more not listed. So if you don't see your favorites, just ask me if I have it.

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