Friday, July 23, 2010

More Awesome Ways To Send Your Orders

This is the second time I have ordered my dish cloths from All About the Buttons. What made me shop there again? The product is reasonably priced. The seller is very friendly. The service is fast. And of course the products come presented so nicely. She always sends a nice thank you card. The packaging is reusable.

Dish cloths and washcloths from All About the Buttons make an excellent gift. 
And she will make them in any color you want.

Need a bigger gift?
Barbra also makes clocks, very unique clocks that would make an awesome gift for an anniversary, birthday, wedding gift, house warming.

My Zibbet Dish is the Perfect Size to Hold My Figs Until They Ripen

I have a lovely fig tree I planted when I had the house built. It gives me a few handfuls of figs 2x a year. I have to be quick, though, and get them before the birds do. I am sure the birds get more than I do. That's okay because I like birds. 

If you need a little dish to set by your computer to ripen your figs or hold your blackberries or M&Ms, I'll tell where you I bought mine:

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