Sunday, September 20, 2009

Someone on Twitter asked me about Zibbet and this was my reply

Someone on Twitter asked me what is the difference between Etsy & Artfire vs. Zibbet. I wrote her this email to explain in my own words the differences. Since I wrote all this, thought I should share it here on my blog.

You can get a free shop, and be able to post 25 items.
No listing fees.
No transaction fees.
No fees of any kind.

The 2nd Zibbet option is to pay $7.00 month for a shop.
Again no listing fees.
No transaction fees.
Just a flat $7.00 month forever or as long as you keep your shop.
(Same as Artfire was I think $7 or 6? a month when they started, and then after they got a certain number of people they raised it to I think $12. month.)

So if you get into Zibbet now for $7 month it will never go higher, just for the folks who signed up in the beginning.

With the $7 month you get: (I am typing this from memory in no particular order.)

Unlimited listings, list as many things as you want.

Move your items around any way you want.

Change the color of the Zibbet logo to coordinate with the colors in your shop.

Change the background colors, can change anything to make it look how you want, just like a blog on blogspot.

Different size shop banners allowed.

You can add widgets to your shop: Like your Etsy mini in any size. Your Artfire mini if you have one. Your Facebook Fan Club if you have one. You can add one of those Twitter icons that takes people right to your Twitter.

You can also add widgets to your shop for different things you belong to like Etsy Teams, and such.

You can add your Flickr Photos on your shop.

There is also an option, and it is just optional, you can allow ads on your shop for businesses like Michaels Craft stores, Joann Fabrics and things like that. You would make money off the ads. (I haven't looked into that thoroughly, but I am assuming you accumulate money, but doubt you get rich. LOL)

That's about all I can think of offhand, but that's a lot that makes it very different from Etsy and Artfire.

Oh you can save the descriptions and such to make it easier to list a new item. And listing is all on one page, except the photos takes you to a 2nd page. So listing is faster.

Gosh almost forgot an important part. Referrals. Which is why I am posting on Twitter about Zibbet. I get credit for every referral. You get $1.00 off the $7 monthly fee if you get someone signed up in Zibbet.

So if you sign up for the Premium $7/month shop, and you get one friend to sign up for a Premium $7 shop, then from that point on you pay $6 month forever.

If you can get 7 people signed up for a Premium shop, you get your shop FREE forever. You'll never pay the $7 again.

I need just one more person to sign up for a Premium shop and then my shop will be free.

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