Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go Green with Gypsy Goods Organic Coffee Filters

I was so happy to get my mail today, for more than one reason. Since my truck has been broken down for 3 weeks today I can only go to the post office when I can get a ride from a friend. But, today was extra nice to get to the post office and find a package from Gypsy Goods. Kathy sent me a sample of her newest product: Organic Cotton Coffee Filters. I'm going to be testing it out and reporting back here how well it works.

I was first introduced to using cotton coffee filters way back, when I lived on an organic communal farm in the Finger Lakes area of New York. That was in the 1980s. My initial reaction was something like aghast, asking what this brown raggy thing was in the kitchen. These white cotton coffee filters turn brown after much use. But it's just natural brown from the coffee. I try to buy organic coffee, but at the very least I look for the Fair Trade emblem to be sure those who pick those coffee beans for my morning wake-up beverage, are being paid fairly for the hard work they do.

My frist impression before I even opened the package was that this crafter really loves what she does. I could tell by the whimsical sticker she puts on the outside of the package. It made feel like she was really excited to be sending this to me.

On the inside I was greeted by more than I was expecting. Kathy sent the promised coffee filter, but addition sent sent me a soap scrap saver. I am the proud owner of an antique metal soap scrap saver, which is more for swishing around in the bath tub to make suds or the wash basin for washing your clothes. The soap saver made by Gypsy Goods looks like it will be perfect for hand washing and showers. I can't wait to try it out.

All of the packaging by Gypsy Goods is fun to read. Not only does she make the products, but she designs her own labels. Talented gypsy, she is....

Being such a big fan of Zibbet, I was pleased as could be to see that she had "ZIBBET" on her labels as well as the other venues she sells on. Go Zibbet!

I haven't tried these products yet, because they just arrived today, but so far I highly recommend you stop by Gypsy Goods and check out her products. Reasonably priced and easy to mail, they would make great eco-friendly gifts for the too-near holiday to come.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eco-Friendly Purchase from Mimi & Colette

I love this Swiffer cover I bought from Mimi & Colette. First, I want to make it clear that I have never used a Swiffer as they are sold with those disgusting-smelling chemical-soaked disposable things that you put on them. My sister bought me the Swiffer a long time ago, and it just sat with the broom and did not get used.

When I saw that people could now buy a reusable cotton cover for this cleaning gadget, I thought that was pretty cool. I ordered mine from Mimi & Colette on They come in all different colors, made from 100% Cotton. You can wash them over and over. Nothing to ever throw into the landfills. That makes me very happy.

Look how products from Mimi & Colette arrive in the mail...wrapped you can order from her shop and have the items mailed directly to the person who want to give a gift to. That saves a lot of postage costs, and you don't have to gift wrap it and go to the post office.

I LOVE how Mimi & Colette did not use tape on the tissue!!! Look at this, so neat! I can fold up that tissue and REUSE the paper and the ribbon.

And here's my reusable cotton Swiffer cover which she sent to me with a really nice personally hand written thank you card and a FREE GIFT!!! Mimi & Colette sent a wonderful cotton hand made wash cloth and I just LOVE the purple. 

I HIGHLY recommend this Zibbet shop. So stop on by Mimi & Colette and see all the other wonderful items she makes.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Need Bags? Ole Bag Lady Has Them

I just got off the phone with my friend Tami who lives in Missouri. I've never met Tami, in person, but she and I have been buying from each other's shops for many years. She's a hillbilly from the country. HER WORDS, not mine. : ) She has a great sense of humor and is a really kind and thoughtful person.

I've been using her bags for gifts for years. I love the concept, because they eliminate so much trash. The bags become treasured keepsakes, and the kids have favorites, that they love to get gifts in each year.

Tami's bags are so incredibly low-priced, that even I can afford to buy them. LOL And they are VERY WELL MADE. 

It is very difficult to list items when you have very slow dial-up internet service. Due to the recent Importer, Tami now has her shop filled with all her amazing bags.

Here are her Halloween and Thanksgiving bags:


and her Main Shop Page:

She's working on her shop sections as I type this, so visit the main page and take a look. I personally guarantee you will love her bags and go back for more.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank You "Running Garlic"

Check out this cool package I got in the mail. FREE!!! All the information about it is on Running Garlic's Blog.

She also has a very cool shop on Zibbet. So if you don't get lost reading her 2 awesome blogs, stop in and check out her Zibbet Shop.

My First Order From Mrs. Supply

Mrs. Supply is a very popular shop on Zibbet. I placed one small order from Mrs. Supply and now I can see why she has so many sales. Look at the awesome packaging job she does. Talk about coordinated!!!

The ribbon is packaged so cool, all wrapped around a wooden clothes pin. I hate to even open it. I might hang it on my bulletin board just as it is. I ordered the tree ribbon, but look what Mrs. Supply sent....additional free ribbon on another clothes pin. Thank you so much Jennifer!

Holiday Recycling

Look what I got in the mail today from a fellow Zibbeter. After I made a shop banner and business card for Nancy of Millions of Stitches , she asked me if I could use her old Christmas cards she had saved. I said, "sure, I'll make buttons out of them." They came in the mail yesterday. So far, I have made a Snowman Button Collection. Other collections to come.

Thank you Nancy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

October-Autumn-Cool Stuff on Zibbet

Okay I wanna play this linky game too.
List any October-Halloween-Autumn-Fall ITEMS.
Have fun....think orange, brown, leaves, pumpkin pie......cookies baking...anything.
List as many items that you have that fit the theme.
Items should be on Zibbet, 

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