Monday, March 15, 2010

I won a $50 Shopping Spree on Zibbet

WOW! I am so excited. I entered a contest on Zibbet to win a $50 shopping spree. To enter all you had to do was advertise that Zibbet had just 295 Premium shops left at the low price of $7 month.

You could enter as many times as you wanted as long as each place you advertised was a different audience. I posted 48 ads. There were 118 entries.

I advertised on Twitter, Facebook, various Yahoo Groups I belong to, different Flickr Groups I belong to, Demand Studios, radio, My Yahoo Profile, My Space, Blogs, Craigslist, Amazon, Etsy, Paperback Swap, CD Swap, DVD Swap, Oodle, Shutterfly,, You Tube and Google.

My advertising brought in 277 Click-throughs which means if any of those 277 people decide to open a Zibbet shop, they will be referrals. I signed up 4 new sellers on Zibbet and one of them opened a Premium shop which reduces my monthly cost down from $7 to $6 month.

I'm going to keep doing that every week until I have 7 referrals and my shop will be FREE Forever.

Check out all the neat stuff I got with my $50 shopping spree. Well, I did go a little over and added the balance, but it was so difficult to decide because there are so many wonderful handcrafted items on Zibbet I would love to have.

First, this sheep made by an 86-year old grandmother was on my wish list for a while. Both my daughters agreed, we must have one of those sheep from Ignis Fatuus.

George of the What Knot Shop makes bracelets that we love. This guy is just one of the nicest folks I have "met." At Christmastime I had contacted him on Etsy and asked if he would consider trading a particular bracelet I had picked out for my daughter for buttons that I make. I told him I was shopping on a budget of nothing after Etsy closed my shop down just as the holiday shopping had started. He was horrified as most folks have been, and instead of a trade, he just asked for my address so he could mail it to her. What a guy! When I gave it to her Christmas morning I told her it wasn't from me, but from George. My daughter lives in the it, she wears it as an anklet and loves it so much.

He has a lot of good karma coming his way. He is easy to talk to and can make anything your heart desires in any size.

Then George opened a Zibbet Shop. I am extremely happy to be purchasing this awesome bracelet from him now.

Handcrafted ribbon? I have never before seen ribbon made by a crafter. This fabric, hand dyed and hand stamped ribbon and can be used and reused. In our home we use fabric everything: fabric gift bags, fabric tablecloths, fabric napkins at every meal. There are no paper napkins or paper towels in our house. We use fabric coffee filters also. So this French ribbon, made by RU Piper Designs was calling our names. One daughter picked Marie Antoinette in Blue, and my other daughter picked Alice in Wonderland in Yellow. My choice was the Eiffel Tower in Green, but my funds were running out. The shop also has some very unusual pillows and bags.  Must see! 

The last thing we ordered with our winning shopping spree was unbleached muslin bags from Spider Daisy who sells party and craft supplies. I'll be using the bags for the mirrors I make.

Now I can't wait to go to the post office and find all these treasures coming from Utah, California, Minnesota, and The Netherlands.

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