Sunday, September 26, 2010

Easily Import Your 1000Markets Items Into Zibbet!

Easily Import Your 1000Markets Items Into Zibbet!

Don't like Bonanza? Come to Zibbet!
Here at Zibbet we had mixed emotions when we heard about 1000Markets recent acquisition by Bonanza. 1000Markets was a great site, with a great concept and full of beautiful items. We were sad to hear that the site would be closed entirely on the 30th September. At the same time, we became excited to see lots of 1000Markets sellers flocking to Zibbet looking for a new home as very few want to make the transition to Bonanza, which to quote one seller "looks like a flea market", and is not a handmade only venue.

Zibbet To The Rescue!

To the rescue!The biggest frustration we've seen from 1000Markets sellers is that they have to both find a new place to sell AND spend hours and hours re-listing all their items and setting up their shop again. Well you'll be happy to hear that Zibbet is solving that problem for you! We've created a tool to quickly and easily copy all your 1000Markets listings onto Zibbet. All you need to do is go to, sign up for either a Basic (25 item limit) or Premium (unlimited items) account and then enter your 1000Markets username in the field on the right. It's that easy!
Use coupon code 1000MSPECIAL for a FREE 30 day trial of our Premium Account. Cancel within the 30 days and you won't pay a cent!
All your items will be imported, including:
  • Item title
  • Main image
  • Description
  • Price and shipping charge
  • Tags
  • Quantity available
The only thing you need to do is categorize your item and upload any extra images for each item, which will be super fast with the ability to upload multiple images at once. Or you can list your item with only the main image, and go back and add extra images later.

Why Should You Sell At Zibbet?

  • Zibbet is a site on the move, which is gaining popularity amongst buyers and sellers fast! We are constantly developing the site and listening to users' wants. There's so many great upcoming features in the works, which you can read about on the Zibbet Blog
  • Our shops are beautiful and our Premium shops are very customizable: You can change colors, make your thumbnails bigger, add "widgets", have a choice of different sized banners plus so much more. Here's just a couple of examples of how great your shop can look: ChristianMarie andumeorigami
  • We have great selling and promotional tools and features, such as putting groups of items on sale, offering fully customizable coupons and gift certificates, plus so much more.
  • We have no listing fees and no sales fees. You keep all your profits!
  • We provide great and timely customer service and support.
  • Our community is friendly and thriving.
Make sure you spread the word and tell your fellow 1000Markets refugees about Zibbet's import tool and how easy and painless it is for you to set up shop here!
If you have any questions at all, contact We look forward to having you with us on Zibbet. You'll love it here!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zibbet's Re-Launch is Live!

Copied from the blog of LOC Design.

Zibbet's Re-Launch is Live!

Earlier today, Zibbet CEO Jonathan Peacock announced the re-launch of Zibbet. Zibbet's re-launch brings a fantastic new look to the already fabulous venue which is dedicated to hosting online shops selling handmade, art, vintage and craft supply items.

In addition to a new look, Zibbet is also sporting a new blazing fast search engine. A really neat search option is the ability to search for shops with items in "sales mode" using the Items on Sale option. Search results can be sorted by listing order, price or discount level. Searches within one of Zibbet's four main categories, HandmadeFine Art,Vintage or Supplies, produces a list of matching items sorted based on relevance to the search term. Search results can also be sorted by listing order or price.

Buyers can now use Zibbet's search engine to search within a particular shop. This is especially helpful in finding that "perfect item" in large shops with hundreds of items in inventory.

Other new features include a weekly Zibbet blog article titled "Fantastic Five" which spotlights five items that fit a particular theme from five different Zibbet shops. Zibbet's homepage shows a random display of nine items from Premium shops. This display is changed with each screen refresh and is a great way to browse. A Gift Guide search and a Zibbet's Hot Picks newlsetter are "in the works" and coming soon! You can sign up to receive the Hot Picks newsletter now so that you don't miss a single issue!

In celebration of the re-launch, Zibbet is offering the next 100 new Premium shops their first 60 days FREE! If you've been considering opening a shop on Zibbet or you're just getting started with your pursuit of online sales, now is the time to give Zibbet a try. After your first 60 days, the monthly fee goes to $9.95, which is a great value for the money. To see all of the great features available to Premium sellers visit Zibbet today! Enter coupon code 60FREE at sign up to receive your 60 days of free Premium benefits!

Be sure to try out the new search engine and browse the wonderful shops already selling on Zibbet!

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