Friday, October 5, 2012

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Do you need Secret Santa Gifts?
Here are some affordable gifts for all 12 days.
This blog post was inspired by Rebecca West
who who manages the famous Sample Z-Box for Zibbet. 

On the first day of Christmas my Secret Santa gave to me…..

1 Runner running

2 Squirrels playing

2 ships a sailing

2 flying insects

2 teddy bears

3 birds a singing

3 human beings

4 Hogs 'a grazing

4 Christmas buttons

4 glittering fairies

4 Barbie dolls

On the 5th day of Christmas Santa gave to Mama...5 flower magnets

5 happy mice

5 Snowy Scenes

6 wolves and foxes

6 sweet kittens

On the 7th day of Christmas santa gave to Papa.... 7 Aerosmith Buttons

8 Little Ponies

9 butterflies fluttering

10 Moths a flying
11 Bison grazing
12 Bedtime Stories
On the 12th day of Christmas Mama and Papa needed 12 Cups of coffee
Over 1,600 buttons, pins, magnets, mirrors and button earrings at
Portable Graffiti to choose from for your Secret Santa Gifts.

Also visit the Z Box blog for more great gifts from Secret Santa. 

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