Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I won a contest and got double prizes

I entered a contest and won. Uh oh too late for me to write this tonight, but I am going to post the photo of all the things I got in the mail before I lose the photos. To be continued.....



As of this writing… this very moment…  I have 1,920 click-throughs and have referred 95 Sellers. My Zibbet shop is free forever and you can get one, too.
Here’s how I got them:
1. THE OBVIOUS: I posted on Twitter every single day, using my referral link. To help make the task quicker, I kept a text document on my desktop with assorted wordings. Here are a few of the ones I used, and you are welcome to steal any of them or create your own.
  • Zibbet’s “copy a listing” feature saves MEGA TIME when listing an item.http://www.zibbet.com/PortableGraffiti/sell
  • Where can you get your own web site storefront for just $7 month? http://www.zibbet.com/PortableGraffiti/sell
  • Put your  ♥ Etsy ♥ on your  ♥ Zibbet ♥ . No kidding, check it out. http://www.zibbet.com/PortableGraffiti/sell
  • To all my ETSY Crafting friends, get into Zibbet now while the fee is just $7 mo. forever.http://www.zibbet.com/PortableGraffiti/sell
  • A craft shop site where you can put your Etsy, Artfire, Blog, Facebook, Twitter all in 1 place.http://www.zibbet.com/PortableGraffiti/sell
  • Finally, a place to sell art that has it all http://www.zibbet.com/PortableGraffiti/sell Professional, Pizazz, Perfect.
  • Imagine your blog, your facebook, ads, giveaways, anything w/widgets right on your Shop.http://www.zibbet.com/PortableGraffiti/sell
Whatever you are doing on the computer, keep a small window open to Twitter, and paste in a tweet, every now and then throughout the day and evening. If you work out of your home, post a few tweets with morning cafe and then a few in the evening when you come home.
2. CRAIGSLIST: Place free ads on Craigslist under 2 categories: ‘Artists’ and ‘Arts and Crafts’. Go toCraigslist.org, find your location and post the ads on the nearest Craigslist to you. I stated in my ads that folks could contact me if they had any questions. I also put my name and town, so that people flagging spammers would know I was local. If you live in an area that has 3 or 4 major cities near you in different directions, post on all of them. Be sure to change your wording in all the ads, otherwise Craigslist will reject your ads as spam. A large number of my referrals came via Craigslist. I can tell by the locations of all the shops listed under my referrals.  When your ads expire, place new ones. Use photos in your ad, because some people only look at Craigslist ads with photos. Sometimes I put photos of my buttons.
Don’t forget to put your referral link in the ad. Some of my ads sounded business-like and some were just friendly fun ads. Write them any way you want. Here is one simple ad that is running right now:
3. YAHOO GROUPS: I’m a volunteer moderator of two Yahoo Groups. One is a Freecycle-type group and one is a Bulletin Board where people can post pretty much anything for sale or events. I posted about Zibbet on these local Yahoo Groups. If you are not on any Yahoo Groups, go to “Yahoo Groups”, then search for Yahoo groups local to your area. You might belong to a Yahoo group for farm animals, dogs, homeschooling, etc. Most groups  allow off-topic posts if you mark it as such. Just say: Off Topic: Want to share a wonderful handmade crafts web site. Put your referral link in the post. Once any of those people click your link, they will become your referrals even if they do not get a shop today or next week. If they decide to open a shop next year, they will show up under you when they open an account.
4. EMAILS: If you have an Etsy shop I am sure you have made some internet friends. Give them your referral link when you email them. Be sure to send your referral link to all your friends, old and new and family members. Or add as a standard signature for your emails.
5. THE NOT-SO-OBVIOUS PLACES: It took me a while to remember all the places I have posted things on the Internet about my buttons. As those places came to mind I went to those web sites and added my referral link.Paperbackswap is a book swapping site I have been a member of for years. CD Swap and DVD Swap are sister web sites I also participate in. I added my referral link under my profile at those 3 web sites. Here is what it looks like at Paperbackswap. (http://Bayberry.paperbackswap.com)
If you have a Flickr Photo Account (if you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one) on your Profile Page you can add as many links and information as you want. Add your referral link. And add your Zibbet Shop Link. Here is how mine is set up:
Once you have your Flickr Photo account, it can’t just sit there and do nothing. Join some Flickr Photo Groups of interest, look at other people’s photos, MAKE COMMENTS on other folks’ photos. This creates a trail that leads back to your Flickr where your Profile is with your referral link.
6. CONNECT WITH LIKEMINDED PEOPLE OFFLINE: Pass out your referral link on business cards or scraps of paper. Wear a Zibbet button so people can ask you, “What the heck is Zibbet?”
While I was typing this article I had Twitter open on the side and posted a few tweets with my referral link as I was working. So now instead of 1,920 click-throughs, I have 1,996. And another new referral shop.
You can do it! Set a goal and you’ll have a FREE Premium Lifetime Zibbet Account very, very quickly. You only need 7 people to get a FREE one FOR LIFE!!  It’s worth it!!
Note from Zibbet: Please ensure that you don’t SPAM forums, message boards or peoples emails.  This will likely bring you less referrals and casts a negative light on Zibbet.


  1. Poocheze
    Great article! I’m still working on that Free for Life account, so this comes at the perfect time from an amazing seller! ;)
  2. acraftyarab
    Thanks so much Judy for your very well written and informative article.
    I’m going to try the Craigslist idea up here in the Northwest and put the info on my meetup groups too.
    I appreciate that you also included some wordage so we can just cut and paste the info. It saves time and makes us look more consistent.
    Go Zibbet Go!!!
  3. AllAboutTheButtons
    Congrats,Judy…alot of work but obviously worth it.
  4. LOCDesignStudio
    Thanks for sharing! I have a paid for lifetime membership. However, the tips you posted are great ways to send traffic to my shop for sales!
  5. PortableGraffiti
    Hey thanks everyone.
    When I wrote the article I had 1,920 click-throughs and 95 Sellers.
    But now I have 2,264 click-throughs and 102 sellers.
    Even though I already have my free lifetime shop, I keep up the same routine to get more sellers here because more sellers = more items listed which = more traffic in Zibbet via Google which ultimately brings more sales to all of us.
    And congrats to A Crafty Arab for winning the last contest. Your click-throughs and number of referred sellers must have increased greatly during the contest.
  6. RosieRowe
    Well done Judy - and thanks SO much for sharing this! If it works for me, I shall dump my other 2 shops and make Zibbet my priority!
  7. PortableGraffiti
    Rosie, Thanks.
    I just went to check out your Zibbet shop and there is nothing in it. Please, please, please list some of your work. I’d love to see it (here.)
  8. MangoSunsetCreations
    What a great article Judy! I hope to do what you have done and run with this. Well written and to the point….a very informative blog.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for all of us!
  9. Strandz
    Thanks so much for all the great info! I want a free Zibbet shop too! ;)
  10. bhbkidstyle
    Thank you Judy! Great article! And congratulation to your success! :)
  11. PortableGraffiti
    Thanks and I hope you all have great success with it. Please, forward this page to friends who have thought about getting a Zibbet shop but have not yet.
    If anyone has any questions for me there is a widget on my shop page that brings up my email address. You can email me directly any time regarding my favorite subject: Zibbet.
  12. PennyFarrow
    Thanks for all the tips, I have paid for a premium account but am still finding my way around the internet and social selling, these are great tips. Penny
  13. JewelsSoSweet
    WOW Judy what a terrific article - you sure spelled it out really well. Thank you! You have me jazzed up to get myself some refferrals. I really appreciate your time & engergy. Thank you.
  14. WhenGuineaPigsFly
    This is such an awesome promotion tool for early birds at Zibbet! I literally just signed up for a premium account about an hour ago maybe? And I didn’t know about the 30 day free thing either. I’m off to spread the word (though I should probably wait til people are actually awake…lol)
    Congratulations, Judy! You give us newbies something great to strive toward!
  15. acraftyarab
    Yeah, I got my first Premium Member referral and it’s all thanks to you Judy :)
  16. PortableGraffiti
    A Crafty Arab - HOORAY! Congrats!
    When Guinea Pigs Fly? I have to check out that shop. I bet you have a referral already.
    Jewels So Sweet - Bet you have new referrals, too. Watch the click-through numbers. Because every click-through you get, if any of those people ever open a shop, even if it is months and months down the road, they will be a referral under you.
    So the more clicks the better.
  17. WildfirePottery
    Thanks for some great ideas. I haven’t done much promoting of my Zibbet shop (or my etsy shop for that matter) yet. But after I read your article I posted something on my facebook and got 6 click-throughs (so far). I have to do a blog posting, I’ve just been putting it off. I sometimes feel like it is hard to keep a balance between too much “sales pitching” and not enough general info about my studio and work and methods etc, so I have to watch how much I babble about sales….
    That being said I have something that I hope is going to work to get some referrals. I’m offering $10 off anything in my shop to anyone who signs up through my referral link…
    Thanks again, you’ve given me some good ideas. :)
    Happy Zibbeting!!
  18. sewinmachine
    Thank you so much for all of the good ideas. I have posted a couple ads on craigslist, and you are right…it does work. I have also taken some of Wildfirepottery’s advice and offered $5.00 off if a buyer signs up for an account. I posted the “offer” on every listing, just in case they forget to read my profile or main page information!
    Thanks again!!!
  19. MangoSunsetCreations
    Well, Judy wrote a great article for sure!
    I however, have had 3877 click-throughs and not one of those persons has signed up. ;-(( I don’t understand why. You’d think at least ONE would have, wouldn’t you?
    I will keep trying and will impliment some more of Judy’s great ideas.
  20. PortableGraffiti
    Carolann, I sent you a message about this with some more ideas. Hope you got it. Judy
    I also like WildFirePottery’s advice and what Jennifer posted.
  21. WildfirePottery
    After I read your posting I got inspired to promote zibbet over the last few days and traffic to my shop is way up! I’ve had two people sign up for a premium account through my link.
  22. PortableGraffiti
    That’s great news. I’m using my own advice and working on getting 7 referrals for another shop. In one day I got one referral so far. I haven’t checked tonight to see what the latest is. I put an on Craigslist for the weekend, so should see some additional referrals or at least click-throughs by Monday.
    I checked out your blog by the way. Love it!
  23. monkmama54
    Sounds great, I’m new & I’m hoping to get referrals so I can get a free shop also!
  24. DaisyBlueStore
    Thanks for the tips! I put some adds on Craigslist and my click-throughs went from 12 to 68 overnight! and I have 6 referrals! yay! no premium accounts yet… but, I’m still hoping… :)
    ~ Deena
  25. Tootsytwo
    Thank You, Thank You … off I go to try this! :o)
  26. Juicybath
    This sounds pretty easy to do. I will try the steps and see what happens:-) What if referrals sign up with basic accounts? Do we get their referral credit if they upgrade later?
  27. GalleriaLindaLoft
    Gosh, this is awesome. This weekend I read this then I tweeted - scheduled tweets late night too with hootsuite. Did a craigslist ad for my city. Blog post. FB page post.
    Have 555 click throughs 2 premiums (on trial) and 6 basics (some of which may go to premium I hope! 2 are from craigslist - like you I could tell because they are in my area.
    ONE weekend, folks.
    Judy, your examples are what made the difference. Thank you!
  28. PetitPoulailler
    wowie! Most impressive! And thank you for all the great ideas!

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