Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some days getting the mail is so exciting

I get my mail at the post office instead of the house. The other day when I got home and spread the day's mail out on my desk it was so pretty and cheerful I decided to take a photo of it.

The Mad Tatter had mailed me some of her tatting which I made into buttons.

I had ordered some buttons from Miss Brigette, that I had been wanting for a long time.

And my Organic Valley milk coupons arrived in the mail. We go through a lot of organic milk here. Gotta have those coupons.

What a wonderful assortment of mail to get in one day.

Also in the photo is the bowl my daughter bought for me from Julie Persons Creation Nation. The bowl is brimming full of all the beach pottery and sea glass I ordered from Ruby C Quins in Scotland. I use the pottery to prop my buttons when I am taking photos of them. But mostly I just enjoy looking at them.

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