Friday, May 6, 2011

My First Grandchild Sporting Her New Hair Accessories From Zibbet

I was completely surprised by a gift that arrived in the mail from a fellow Zibbet Seller. I hardly knew her.   How thoughtful and kind that she mailed these hair accessories to me for my first grandchild, Isabella.

Today my daughter sent me some photos of her wearing her new hair accessories.
Isn't she cute?

Thanks to Lori of Lori's Styling Hair Stuff on Zibbet.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fun with a PIF

I got this super awesome Blackboard Button button from Gypsy Goods. I had been wanting one for a while. Kathy listed it as a PIF and I was thrilled to be able to get one.
They sure would make a really nice gift. Kids and adults would enjoy this. They are packaged super nice. And it even came with the chalk so you can play right away.
I opened the package and got the chalk out.
Directions say to prime the button with chalk. So I did.
Then you smear the chalk around. I hope I have this right. kathy can correct me if I am wrong.

How did I do Kathy?

Then I wiped the chalk off, as you would with an eraser which gave me a nice black surface to write on.

And then I wrote:
Okay that's not very creative. But I'm going to practice. This button will be lots of fun.

You can get yours HERE:

This Zibbet shop goes all the way in eco-friendly.
I ordered a PIF (pay it forward) from Thoughtful Gems. It is a cool little spiral notebook made with a used gift card from Toys R Us. My daughter will love it. 
Not only did I get the PIF in the mail quickly, but she also sent me an extra gift of another little notebook.
I was highly impressed with wrapping.
It came in a paper bubble envelope, the items were sealed in a cello bag that is certified biodegradable and compostable. I like that! Her products and packaging are 100% recycled content. 
Inside the cello bag, the notebooks were gift wrapped in brown paper and tied with string, probably hemp.
Anything from Thoughtful Gems would make wonderful gifts that could be shipped to the recipent direct and you would know how presentable they will arrive to the giftee.
Talk about "thoughtful." I'd like to thank Thoughtful Gems for being so thoughtful of our Mother Earth and the future generations of children.

Testing the Un-Paper Towel Coming Soon from Gypsy Goods

I'm testing the Un-Paper Towel Coming Soon from Gypsy Goods here on Zibbet.
This is going to be a lot of fun and will involve updated blog posts.
Look at the pretty un-paper towels I get to play with, okay well work with, too.
I have not bought paper towels in years. I find them to be a huge waste of money, not to mention the trash they make.
Aren't these so much prettier?
While you wait for these pretty cotton un-paper towels, you can get organic cloth coffee filters in her shop. I have 2 of them and use them every day. They are awesome and save me from having to buy paper ones.

More Fabulous PIFs

Have you been playing PIF?
I have as you can see.
I have mailed out 11 PIFs to date.
I have bought 11 PIFs.
In this fabulous selection I have:
A Soy Candle from C'est Soy which I am going to use during my next house showing. It;s smells so nice.
A Denim Barrette from Lori's Styling Hair Styling Stuff who also sent me a wonderful gift for my first grandchild. My thank you for that gift and photos can be seen HERE.
A set of two hand sewn pouches from Tawny Bee which I love and were mailed to me all the way from Canada.
A Puppy Necklace from Chastity which is so adorable I wore it right away. I'll be putting it away though for my granddaughter.

Here's the link to the current PIF game for May.

Have You Been Playing the PIF Game on Zibbet's Community Hub?

If you haven't play the PIF game on Zibbet's Community Hub, you're missing out on a lot of fun. Getting my mail lately has felt like it's my birthday every day.
Here are just 2 of the cool PIFs I got recently. I'll be posting more here on my blog.
The necklace, bracelet and earrings were made by Daresa of Daresab.
The hand made wash cloth was made by the Crafty Little Kitten.

"One hand washes the other." (and you dry them with a towel)

PIFs are a great way to try products on Zibbet. For a dollar or under and free shipping you can try a product, meet a new seller and make friends. Alice of Mimi and Colette posted this towel as a PIF and I had been wanting to try her towels. I also purchased one of her scrubbies at the same time. I had bought items from her shop before and have loved everything. She does great work.
Buying on Zibbet when you are seller is good for creating relationships, also. Alice has purchased from my shop, as well. She got her shop banners and other graphics and tags from me.
My mother used to say this a lot:
"One hand washes the other."
Think about it.

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