Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Tribute to Michael Jackson

Very sad to hear about Michael Jackson. I saw the news when he was first brought to the hospital. The first story he had been brought to the hospital but had not been pronounced dead, however in 2 places in the story, they wrote in past tense. They said he "was." I knew the bad news was coming. I hung with the news which changed rapidly.

So I stayed up late tonight making Michael Jackson buttons. It's 1:58 AM.

Portable Graffiti

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Bags for my Mirrors

I got some exciting mail yesterday from the OleBagLady. She sent me some new bags she made for my mirrors. Now some of my mirrors can be purchased with bags and pouches. She does a very professional job of sewing. Trust me, you would not want a bag sewn by me. I bought holiday fabric bags from her last year. It is wonderful to not use paper gift wrap anymore. The fabric bags get folded neatly and used year after year.

My daughter voted she liked this mirror pouch best which comes with a Rafiki Mirror. It's a one-of-kind.

I think the Troll and Unicorn mirror with this glittery pink bag is really pretty. There are 100 mirrors to choose from. Some come with bags and some do not. If you see a mirror you want but also want a bag contact TheOleBagLady and ask for a custom made bag. She does a great job.

I have mirrors to take on your vacation.

A mirror to bring to a friend in the hospital.

A gift for your hairdresser.

For a wedding or bridal shower.

A mirror to take on a picnic to the beach.

Currently 100 different mirrors to choose from. If there is something special you want on a mirror, a beloved photo like this one of my father and my daughter, just ask and I will be happy to make it for you.

Rock 'n' Roll is Forever...but these Rock 'n' Roll pins won't be in my shop forever

I've seen so many of these vintage rock and roll pins tucked away in people's "favorites" on Etsy. I was just going through stock and noticed the bags in the tubs are getting thinner. These buttons won't last forever. Today I sold one Anthrax that I had listed as the LAST ONE. But I also sold an REO Speedwagon that I thought I had more of. I don't. That was the last one, too. I do have other Anthrax pins in the shop.

Stop in sometime and browse. Over 800 buttons listed. But, many more not listed. So if you don't see your favorites, just ask me if I have it.

Portable Graffiti

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some days getting the mail is so exciting

I get my mail at the post office instead of the house. The other day when I got home and spread the day's mail out on my desk it was so pretty and cheerful I decided to take a photo of it.

The Mad Tatter had mailed me some of her tatting which I made into buttons.

I had ordered some buttons from Miss Brigette, that I had been wanting for a long time.

And my Organic Valley milk coupons arrived in the mail. We go through a lot of organic milk here. Gotta have those coupons.

What a wonderful assortment of mail to get in one day.

Also in the photo is the bowl my daughter bought for me from Julie Persons Creation Nation. The bowl is brimming full of all the beach pottery and sea glass I ordered from Ruby C Quins in Scotland. I use the pottery to prop my buttons when I am taking photos of them. But mostly I just enjoy looking at them.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Etsy Bloggers Supporting Each Other

I received an email letting me know that another etsy shopkeeper had sent me a "convo." I logged into Wild Goose Chase and read that Boylerpf had written a blog post about vintage sunglasses and featured the Jean Paul Gautier Adjustables that are for sale in my shop along with some other amazing vintage sunglasses that are for sale on Etsy.

How nice of her to do that. This is yet another thing about Etsy that is so awesome. There are, as of this post, 156,892 sellers on Etsy. They support each other. Some buy from each other. Some do trades and exchanges. Some feature each other in their blogs. Some promote each other on Twitter. They comment on each other's photos on Flickr.

You can visit Alicia's Blog HERE. You can find her Etsy Shop, Boyle Antique & Vintage Jewelry HERE.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Daughter's First Treasury

Hooray for The Purple Rat who was finally featured in a Treasury.

This Etsy Treasury called The Global Economy was created by Art Grants.

Thanks Art Grants for including my daughter's origami dollar heart with a quarter in it.

Congratulations Purple Rat for getting into your first treasury.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Button Workshop in a Bedroom Stage II

Thanks to a wonderful friend for his carpentry skills, again, and free used plywood, I now have shelves over the other side of my desk. A shelf attached to the shelves on either side makes more shelf space above my window.

This is a work in progress to make a small space in a small bedroom work efficiently to make buttons to sell on my Etsy shop.

The second photo shows how small this bedroom really is. I had to back myself into the far corner of my bed to get a photo of the wall where my studio lives. Large plastic tubs are stacked at the foot of the bed holding large quantities of button parts.

My bulletin board had to be moved to fit the shelves against the wall. I took everything off of it and put up just the cool stuff, like my ACEO collection all purchased from Etsy Artists, some of the business cards and decorated envelopes, bookmarks and other items Etsy sellers enclose when you buy cool stuff from them. Some of the buttons I have bought from my fellow button makers on Etsy also live on the bulletin board. I love trading buttons with other button makers.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Etsy Front Page

If you were up very early and turned on your computer before the coffee and checked etsy right away like I do, you may have seen one of my buttons on the front page.

Lucky for me the creator sent me a convo to tell me to quick look.

This Etsy Treasury titled "Inspired by Night" was created by Mon Atelier.

She has another shop called Carolina's Creations.

Thanks Carol for letting me know or else I may have missed the moment.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stray Cat Strut Treasury

If you love red like I do you'll love this Etsy treasury called Stray Cat Strut designed by Space Age Love.

My Tiny English Stray Cats button was included in the treasury. Honestly I do not know how that button has not sold yet. It's one of my favorites. Maybe I am meant to keep it.

Check out the awesome pot holders at Space Age. I might get some myself. Nothing like a clean, new potholder.

Space Age also makes very nice aprons.

All Aboard Etsy Treasury

Here's a cute treasury by Suzi's Corner Boutique. Colorful and filled with action. Toot! Toot!

If you want that vintage train set, please, please, make an offer. I need the space. I am running 2 Etsy Shops out of my bedroom. Plus I also do freelance work.

Hop a train and get on over to Wild Goose Chase and take a look at the pictures of the train set. If you need more photos, let me know. I have plenty more.

Need luggage for the train trip? Check out Suzi's shop. She has vintage train cases and much more.

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