Monday, October 24, 2011

My reply to anyone who says they have no sales.

If people don't know you exist, it is tough to get sales. Here are just a few possible ways to be seen.

Comment on all the Fantastic Fives. I have discovered new and interesting shops when I see their comments on the Fantastic Five articles.
You can do that here:
Another place to be seen is commenting on the Featured Zibbeters.
Give them support and others will see you being supportive.
You can find those here:

Another way to get noticed and sales in your shop is by purchasing from other Zibbeters.
They quite often reciprocate.
150,310 items to choose from.
You can find them HERE.
If you can use supplies for your crafting needs, shop on Zibbet under Supplies for 20,960 listings
Find those HERE>
Stop in here at the Hub often and join in on the many fun threads. We have threads going on gardening,recipes, crafting, saving moneypetshealth, dietinghobbies, and promoting each other through the various promo threads such as the Stocking Stuffer Scavenger Hunt.
If you need thank anyone, do that HERE.
If none of this interests you, start a new fun thread of your own. Anyone can.
You can find me promoting Zibbet at

My shops:
My Daughter's Shop

PS Don't forget to include a link to your shop in your travels.

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