Monday, October 24, 2011

My reply to anyone who says they have no sales.

If people don't know you exist, it is tough to get sales. Here are just a few possible ways to be seen.

Comment on all the Fantastic Fives. I have discovered new and interesting shops when I see their comments on the Fantastic Five articles.
You can do that here:
Another place to be seen is commenting on the Featured Zibbeters.
Give them support and others will see you being supportive.
You can find those here:

Another way to get noticed and sales in your shop is by purchasing from other Zibbeters.
They quite often reciprocate.
150,310 items to choose from.
You can find them HERE.
If you can use supplies for your crafting needs, shop on Zibbet under Supplies for 20,960 listings
Find those HERE>
Stop in here at the Hub often and join in on the many fun threads. We have threads going on gardening,recipes, crafting, saving moneypetshealth, dietinghobbies, and promoting each other through the various promo threads such as the Stocking Stuffer Scavenger Hunt.
If you need thank anyone, do that HERE.
If none of this interests you, start a new fun thread of your own. Anyone can.
You can find me promoting Zibbet at

My shops:
My Daughter's Shop

PS Don't forget to include a link to your shop in your travels.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Organic Cotton Tea Bags by Gypsy Goods on Zibbet

I'm cheating!
This is a screenshot from my Facebook page about the awesome organic cotton tea bags that Kathy of Gypsy Goods mailed to me. I love being a tester for her. I had the privilege of also testing coffee filters before she offered them in her Gypsy Goods shop. 
The coffee filters are amazing, and last forever. Think of the savings. How much do you spend of coffee filter each year? Cross them off your grocery list forevermore.
The tea bags are working out great! Others I have tried from other places have too narrow of opening. Gypsy Goods tea bags are easy to fill. They are also easy to empty. Just dump the tea into your compost or directly in your garden. Rinse the cloth tea bag, hang it to dry, and you're ready for the next cup. 
Kathy does not have the tea bags listed yet, so send her a message and tell her to get listing.
But you can find the coffee filters in her shop here:

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well hello blog

Long time no see.
I used to blog daily, then it was more like weekly, and then monthly and more recently with so many other places to hang out on the Internet, like the Zibbet Facebook Group, the Zibbet Community Hub, Pinterest, Zibbet Flickr Group ...I had deserted my poor old blog.

I have also been busy writing the Fantastic Five on Zibbet. I hope you'll check it out. It's a weekly feature.

Zibbet sales are going well. I've been working on a few new shop banners for these shops. Bet Your Bottom Button Creations is a new shop on Zibbet and this banner is not completed yet, so it will change quite a bit before it goes into her shop.

Second Sister at MoArk Jewelry has me working on a logo for her. Waiting on feedback from customer. Once the logo is finalized I will be making her a shop banner for Zibbet and Artfire and and an Earring Card design.

Nicole's Visions ordered a shop banner, label, 2-sided business card, a web ad and product tag designs. At this point I am still working on her banner. Once the banner is decided on, I will work on her other items. Nicole is planning ahead for when she will be adding new crafts to her shop made from vintage vinyl record albums, reclaimed wood and fabric, a eco-friendly line of products. Currently she sells her photography.

Creations by DJ ordered a shop banner and it is also pending final approval. This is where it is right now. This shop has quite a variety of handmade crafts made by two women friends who are both nurses. Lots of neat Christmas items.

This banner I just completed and you can see it in her shop. Susan Wise makes gentle handmade soap. This is the second shop banner I made for her and I sure do appreciate return customers. This banner celebrates the beautiful season of Autumn.

Sherry Spring has two shops on Zibbet: The Bead Supply and Sherry Spring Designs. This is the second shop banner I created for her. Her other shop banner I made can be seen in her supply shop HERE.

Another return customer yesterday was Deni of Breitwerk. Deni had me design a logo for her a few weeks ago, and yesterday requested a 4x6 card to use in Z Boxes and other advertising uses.

Last week I also designed, made and shipped 100 buttons to Izzy's Place. Pat is going to use them as a way to advertise her shop. People will remember her when the button magnets get put to use on refrigerators and filing cabinets.

Last night I sold 6 Superman Vintage buttons from my Portable Graffiti button shop. A random customer who just opened a buyers account on

Keeping busy at Portable Graffiti Graphics ....hope you are, too.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Best Garbage Can I ever had

My car has never stayed so clean since I bought this handy garbage can made with a recycled soda bottle and fabric.

It is so easy to empty and it stays put in the car tied with a strap. Slide the pastil bottle out to empty the garbage and then it slides right back in. I wish someone on Zibbet made these.

They also hold a large drink cup when I need an extra cup holder.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tiflo Gifts and More TM: Weekend Artist (TM) - Judy Youngquest

Tiflo Gifts and More TM: Weekend Artist (TM) - Judy Youngquest: "In the summer of '79 Judy Youngquest 'dropped out' of the corporate world and moved to the Finger Lakes where Judy was co-buying a 112 acr..."

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Forever Free Basic Shop on Zibbet

Zibbet Newsletter

16th July, 2011

Artfire is Removing Their Free, Basic Accounts From Their Site - What Does Zibbet Think About That?

Firstly, I want to make it abundantly clear that I am not here to throw stones at Artfire. The purpose of this email is NOT to tell you that Artfire is doing the wrong thing - they are doing what they feel is necessary based on their unique situation.  The purpose of this email is to inform you about our reasons for keeping Basic accounts here at Zibbet.

In this email we'll cover a few things (it will be a long email - read when you have time!):
1. The details
2. Why Zibbet won't be getting rid of its free, Basic accounts
3. Are Basic Artfire sellers welcome on Zibbet?

For those that have never heard of Artfire or don't have a clue what we're talking about...

Artfire is another handmade venue, similar to Zibbet. They had a free, Basic account and an upgraded, paid account - again, similar to Zibbet. Yesterday they announced officially that their Basic Accounts would be shut down on August 15.

How many sellers will this effect?

Over 42,500 active Basic sellers will lose their shop (about 75% of their total sellers), at which point around 350,000 items will be unlisted from the site (about 25% of their total items).

Why have they made this decision?

You can read the full, official announcement here.
Zibbet and Artfire are two different venues, with two different leaders, with two different strategies for moving forward.  At Zibbet, we're a metrics driven business, which means that we track LOTS of different things - the numbers don't lie and we base our decisions on those metrics.  I want to share some of what we know with you, to help explain why having free, Basic accounts at Zibbet works well...for us.

SEO benefits
Firstly, I've harped on and on about this - the more active items we have on Zibbet, the more buyers we will have. Basic sellers list items, and those items help to bring in more buyer traffic - for everyone!  Basic sellers only account for 15% of the total sales on Artfire. They also only account for 25% of the active items - Do you think that would have something to do with their low sales percentage? You bet it does.  Less items, less traffic, less sales. Period.

On Zibbet, our Premium sellers make up 24% of our active sellers and account for around 70% of the sales. Our Premium sellers do get more site exposure, have better tools and features to help them sell more and have unlimited, non-expiring, listings. There's no doubt that Premium is the way to go on Zibbet.

We know that Basics will upgrade to Premium when they see the value to do so (and we certainly hope they do), but even if they don't that's ok - because...

We make money off Basics too!
We have a couple of exciting partnerships launching in the future which will allow us to make a small cut off each sale that is transacted on Zibbet (Basic and Premium). This DOES NOT come out of your pocket - you are not charged a cent, nor will you even notice a difference to your service. These partnerships will be announced when we are ready to roll them out.  Basic sellers make sales too, therefore they will make us money. Just another reason why Basic sellers add value and are here to stay at Zibbet.

Basic sellers need time to upgrade
Our metrics tell us that Basic sellers need time to decide whether to upgrade or not and we're willing to give them the time that they need. Some sellers will never ever upgrade, and that is something that we're aware of and are fine with. Hosting costs are so low these days that these sellers are literally no burden on us financially.

Check out this graph which shows historically how long it takes for our Basic sellers to upgrade to Premium. Most upgrade within the first couple of weeks (as you can see below), but there are still sellers upgrading every day in the 365 day period shown. This means that the Basic account is serving its purpose as a 'taste-tester' that compels sellers to upgrade over time - which puts money in our pockets to keep making Zibbet better and better...

The graph below is a little more crazy and complex, but I'll try to explain. We track your activity (sales, upgrades, downgrades, etc) based on the month and year you signed up to become a member of Zibbet. We call this your 'cohort', which is the group we associate you with for the life of your account. This allows us to find 'trends', which is why I say that we're a data driven company - the numbers don't lie, and they help us to base all our major decisions on.  This graph shows the percentage of seller registrations that go Premium. And as you can see, over time a greater and increasing percentage of sellers will upgrade to Premium over time. The higher lines, representing a greater percentage of sellers that have gone Premium, belong to earlier cohorts. You can see that from the February, 2010 cohort, 20.85% of the seller registrations we received that month have upgraded to Premium.  Therefore, we can again conclude that over extended periods of time, more and more sellers will see the benefits of being Premium, and upgrade.

Yes!  We welcome them with open arms, all 42,500 of them can make their home at Zibbet and they can bring all 350,000 items with them (and hopefully list 50 items each to make over 2 million items!).  This would bring huge SEO benefits to Zibbet and will increase the sales of all our sellers.  If you love Zibbet and you love sales, you should be telling Basic Artfire sellers to join us.

To help make spreading the word even easier, I've created a special coupon code that will give them a free 45 day trial of our Premium Account (monthly or yearly). The code is: WELCOME

This offer is valid until August 15.  Or, they can just sign up for a free, Basic account and upgrade when they are good and ready (or not).

We also have an Artfire Importer, so setup will be quick and painless!  They can import all their items in with a few clicks of the mouse!

If you have bothered to read this far, thank you!  I hope that what I have said makes sense and you can clearly see why Basic accounts are valuable to us at Zibbet and our reasons for keeping them around - for good!  If you're from Artfire and you're reading this, we welcome you to give Zibbet a try. You'll love what we're doing here and the community is super friendly!

Have a great day and please feel free to post this entire email where you feel is necessary to inform all handmade sellers.


Jonathan Peacock

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

BreitWerk Buzz: Give A-Way!!!

BreitWerk Buzz: Give A-Way!!!: "I believe I said I would do a give-a-way once I reached 100 Facebook fans - well, it's time! I am posting all the give-a-way information h..."

Fantastic Five: Trees Are Cool

Fantastic Five: Trees Are Cool

I Love Trees! Do you?
Check out this week's fantastic Five on Zibbet!

Friday, May 6, 2011

My First Grandchild Sporting Her New Hair Accessories From Zibbet

I was completely surprised by a gift that arrived in the mail from a fellow Zibbet Seller. I hardly knew her.   How thoughtful and kind that she mailed these hair accessories to me for my first grandchild, Isabella.

Today my daughter sent me some photos of her wearing her new hair accessories.
Isn't she cute?

Thanks to Lori of Lori's Styling Hair Stuff on Zibbet.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fun with a PIF

I got this super awesome Blackboard Button button from Gypsy Goods. I had been wanting one for a while. Kathy listed it as a PIF and I was thrilled to be able to get one.
They sure would make a really nice gift. Kids and adults would enjoy this. They are packaged super nice. And it even came with the chalk so you can play right away.
I opened the package and got the chalk out.
Directions say to prime the button with chalk. So I did.
Then you smear the chalk around. I hope I have this right. kathy can correct me if I am wrong.

How did I do Kathy?

Then I wiped the chalk off, as you would with an eraser which gave me a nice black surface to write on.

And then I wrote:
Okay that's not very creative. But I'm going to practice. This button will be lots of fun.

You can get yours HERE:

This Zibbet shop goes all the way in eco-friendly.
I ordered a PIF (pay it forward) from Thoughtful Gems. It is a cool little spiral notebook made with a used gift card from Toys R Us. My daughter will love it. 
Not only did I get the PIF in the mail quickly, but she also sent me an extra gift of another little notebook.
I was highly impressed with wrapping.
It came in a paper bubble envelope, the items were sealed in a cello bag that is certified biodegradable and compostable. I like that! Her products and packaging are 100% recycled content. 
Inside the cello bag, the notebooks were gift wrapped in brown paper and tied with string, probably hemp.
Anything from Thoughtful Gems would make wonderful gifts that could be shipped to the recipent direct and you would know how presentable they will arrive to the giftee.
Talk about "thoughtful." I'd like to thank Thoughtful Gems for being so thoughtful of our Mother Earth and the future generations of children.

Testing the Un-Paper Towel Coming Soon from Gypsy Goods

I'm testing the Un-Paper Towel Coming Soon from Gypsy Goods here on Zibbet.
This is going to be a lot of fun and will involve updated blog posts.
Look at the pretty un-paper towels I get to play with, okay well work with, too.
I have not bought paper towels in years. I find them to be a huge waste of money, not to mention the trash they make.
Aren't these so much prettier?
While you wait for these pretty cotton un-paper towels, you can get organic cloth coffee filters in her shop. I have 2 of them and use them every day. They are awesome and save me from having to buy paper ones.

More Fabulous PIFs

Have you been playing PIF?
I have as you can see.
I have mailed out 11 PIFs to date.
I have bought 11 PIFs.
In this fabulous selection I have:
A Soy Candle from C'est Soy which I am going to use during my next house showing. It;s smells so nice.
A Denim Barrette from Lori's Styling Hair Styling Stuff who also sent me a wonderful gift for my first grandchild. My thank you for that gift and photos can be seen HERE.
A set of two hand sewn pouches from Tawny Bee which I love and were mailed to me all the way from Canada.
A Puppy Necklace from Chastity which is so adorable I wore it right away. I'll be putting it away though for my granddaughter.

Here's the link to the current PIF game for May.

Have You Been Playing the PIF Game on Zibbet's Community Hub?

If you haven't play the PIF game on Zibbet's Community Hub, you're missing out on a lot of fun. Getting my mail lately has felt like it's my birthday every day.
Here are just 2 of the cool PIFs I got recently. I'll be posting more here on my blog.
The necklace, bracelet and earrings were made by Daresa of Daresab.
The hand made wash cloth was made by the Crafty Little Kitten.

"One hand washes the other." (and you dry them with a towel)

PIFs are a great way to try products on Zibbet. For a dollar or under and free shipping you can try a product, meet a new seller and make friends. Alice of Mimi and Colette posted this towel as a PIF and I had been wanting to try her towels. I also purchased one of her scrubbies at the same time. I had bought items from her shop before and have loved everything. She does great work.
Buying on Zibbet when you are seller is good for creating relationships, also. Alice has purchased from my shop, as well. She got her shop banners and other graphics and tags from me.
My mother used to say this a lot:
"One hand washes the other."
Think about it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fantastic Five: The New Baby Boom

Today is my daughter Kate's due date. In anticipation of the birth of my first grandchild today's Fantastic Five on Zibbet is titled "The New Baby Boom.

Please stop in to Zibbet's Blog and comment. See you there!

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