Monday, November 8, 2010

Update on Gypsy Goods Organic Coffee Filters

If you haven't switched to fabric coffee filters yet, I urge you to get with the program. You don't want to throw all those coffee filters in the trash, do you? I hope not. Some are made of 100% paper, and can go in your compost pile. Do you have a compost pile?

Some paper filters have other weird unidentifiable things in them that your coffee has to seep through before you get to drink it. Yuck.

Beyond going "green" there is another reason to use fabric coffee filters. Saving You will save an incredible amount of money when you no longer have to write coffee filters on your grocery shopping list.

They are so easy to use. They start out white. With each use they turn brown and browner, which is just the lovely coffee naturally dying the color of the fabric.

In this photo of my coffee filters, some of which I have been using for years, I have assessed each one. The results are that Gypsy Goods Organic Coffee Filters which you can find on Zibbet, are the best in every way. Get yours today and stop tossing filters and money in the garbage (or compost pile.)

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