Friday, June 12, 2009

Etsy Bloggers Supporting Each Other

I received an email letting me know that another etsy shopkeeper had sent me a "convo." I logged into Wild Goose Chase and read that Boylerpf had written a blog post about vintage sunglasses and featured the Jean Paul Gautier Adjustables that are for sale in my shop along with some other amazing vintage sunglasses that are for sale on Etsy.

How nice of her to do that. This is yet another thing about Etsy that is so awesome. There are, as of this post, 156,892 sellers on Etsy. They support each other. Some buy from each other. Some do trades and exchanges. Some feature each other in their blogs. Some promote each other on Twitter. They comment on each other's photos on Flickr.

You can visit Alicia's Blog HERE. You can find her Etsy Shop, Boyle Antique & Vintage Jewelry HERE.

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