Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I opened a "NEW" shop on Zibbet for your proofreading needs

In order to sell on Zibbet it helps to have good spelling and well worded "announcements" on your main page, correct spelling on your "profile," and "descriptions" of your items that are easy to read and include all the pertinent information a buyer needs to make a decision to purchase.

Can't spell? Hate writing? I can help. My proofreading service has low prices and is broken down into categories of the pages on your Zibbet shop.

Shop Front: The main page text at the top of your Zibbet shop.
Profile: The page that tells about you.
Policies: The page that lets buyers know about your shipping information and payment requirements.
Item Description: The pages that tell about each individual item you post for sale.

I have broken down categories into number of words, from 25 words to 500 words. 

My Profile Page tells a little about my experience.  And shows just a few of the hundreds of books I have proofread. 

I'd be happy to help you with your Zibbet Shop.

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