Friday, May 21, 2010

Excited about my newest product....Button Earrings

New Product: Button Earrings by Portable Graffiti

The earrings were a joint effort between myself and Tami, the Ole Bag Lady  on Zibbet. Her husband helped, too. I made the buttons with flat backs, mailed them to Tami, hubby drilled the holes, Tami made the earrings and mailed them back to me. I took the photos and am listing them. Showing just 3 of them, but you can see the rest of the earrings here.

This is a test to see how you like them. There is only ONE pair of each design I am listing. Better grab 'em quick if you like them. 

Look what my daughter made

The Purple Rat has a birthday party to go to, and no money to spend. She worked on this nifty gift today. I thought it was so cool, I listed it as a sample at Portable Graffiti. You can order a custom one just like it with any name you want. She has a second mirror bag made already and is waiting for orders.

Perfect gift for anyone with a hard-to-find name. But who wouldn't want one, even if their name is Sue or Jane?

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