Thursday, May 20, 2010

Excitement at the post office today

I know, I know I owe this blog some blog posts, but this one has to jump ahead and be posted now. My daughter went in the post office to get the mail and came out smiling with packages held behind her back. She knew I had been waiting for an envelope from my friend Tami. One of the packages arrived today and so did a book from Paperbackswap.

The package from Tami AKA he Ole Bag Lady was stuffed with fabric bags she made for my mirrors that I sell. I had mailed the fabric to her and she did the sewing. I'll be matching these bags up with mirrors in my shop.  The fabric is new from recycled fabric sample books.

The book we got today is "Staying at Sam's" a children's book about how different families can be. It was a controversial book that was out of print for many years and very hard to find. I have seen copies of it being sold for a few hundred dollars. However, it has finally been reprinted by a new publisher so might be hard to sell for a few hundred now. I now have two copies of the original book, 1989, and might decide to sell one at Wild Goose Chase.

There is one more thing I got in the mail today, but that's a surprise for tomorrow.

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