Saturday, May 23, 2009

Phew Stinky: A Sweet Skunk Treasury

Here's a cool Etsy Treasury all about Skunks created by Winky Dinks. (Cool Shop Name!)

I am very happy to promote a shop that asks everyone to do their part to REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE.

Winky Dinks makes necessary items for babies like Recycled Wool Soakers and Recycled Wool Longies.

And amazingly they are very reasonably priced and affordable. I marked the shop as a favorite. Now all I need is some grandbabies to buy them for.

Oh, and if you are interested in the skunk button, you can buy it HERE.

Don't like skunks? I have over 1600 buttons to choose from, including 153 choices of animal buttons.

Sold the Last Underdog to a Super Nice Customer

When I used to do Arts and Crafts Shows and the State Fair, one of the nice things about it was meeting the people who walk away with my buttons. Sometimes I would hear a whole story about why they were so excited about the particular buttons they bought in my booth. Sometimes it would have to do with an uncle or a special teacher or a road trip adventure. The stories were many.

When we sell on line we don't get to see our customers' faces and hear their stories. But sometimes we do get to "talk" to them a little.

I sold the last Vintage Underdog button recently. The customer took the time to let me know that he was buying that particular button because he has an Underdog Guitar and wanted to put the button on his guitar strap.

Then later when he posted Feedback on Etsy for me, he included a photo of the button on his guitar.

I thought that was a really nice gesture, so I am sharing his photo here along with the photo of the button from my shop.

Portable Graffiti is really enjoying meeting nice folks on Etsy. Sometimes it is almost like doing a show, because you do get to "meet" some of the folks and get to know them a bit.

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