Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trip to the Post Office to Mail Button Orders

I haven't left my property in so long there were spider webs running from the tree I park under to the side of my truck. No kidding. I took one spider for a ride all the way to the highway.

I was on "E" so it was great to arrive at the post office without running out of gas. Phew! Lucky day! 

More luck - NO LINES!

But when I got in the truck, it wouldn't start. Totally dead. No click. No sound at all. So I went back in the post office and asked to use the phone. I called a friend of mine but no one answered. I attacked a few men in the parking lot who looked like they might know what jumper cables are and if they didn't look over 90. That eliminates most of the men here in Florida. No luck.

I was sitting in the parking lot for an hour or more. It felt like 3 hours. My iced tea was long gone, and it was getting mighty hot out there.

So I called my daughter and asked her if she could send one of her friends. She said she would. But then she put her BF on the phone with me and he said, "It won't start even when you push the starter button?"

I replied, "OMG, I love you!!!! I totally forgot about the starter button! I'm going to try it and I know it's going to start."

A friend of mine installed an alternate starter push button under my dash for when my truck won't start. It's quirky. It goes months where I have to use the push button, and then out of the blue, the key will work. The key has been working for a long time now, and I forgot about the push button.

This is the smart boyfriend who reminded me of the button under the dash of my truck. He also changes my oil and helps me keep it running good. Thanks DJ!

I knew it was going to start, so I put the hood down, put my stuff in the truck, got in, put my seta belt on, stuck the key in the ignition, reached under the dash, pushed the button, and it started right up. DUH! I could have driven away from the Post Office hours ago.

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