Thursday, July 22, 2010

2nd Named Storm for 2010 - Bonnie

How To Package An Order To Get a WOW From Your Customer

I get my mail at the post office and when I find a key in it, that means I have a package in one of the lockers. I was delighted to open the locker and see this pretty hand painted box covered in sparkling glitter and decorated with hand drawn stickers. It was from Sea Willow Herbs on Zibbet. 

The box is decorated on all sides and I hope the glittery paint shows up in the photos. I took photos of all sides of the package.

Sweet huh? A lot of work into that packaging job. 
THen I opened it, carefully, and it was just as pretty inside with blur tissue paper, that I can reuse. I love packaging I can reuse.

Under the pretty tissue paper my order was safely tucked inside a bubble wrap envelope that I can also reuse, 2 business cards that match everything perfectly, and handmade, hand painted thank you card. 

Inside the bubble wrap bag was this. Three lip balms with hand painted tags and matching fluffy ribbons, presented in a way that they make a nice gift for someone. Three lip balms could be just stuck in a padded envelope and dropped in the mail. But if it was done like that, then it wouldn't get a "WOW!" 

So if you're looking for an affordable gift and you want it sent directly to your friend, mother, great aunt, godmother or a nice teenager you know, you now know how your gift will arrive if you order anything from Sea Willow Herbs on Zibbet.

Sea Willow Herbs products are made with only 100% Organic ingredients and she even gathers the herbs herself by wildcrafting in a sustainable way.

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