Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank You "Running Garlic"

Check out this cool package I got in the mail. FREE!!! All the information about it is on Running Garlic's Blog.

She also has a very cool shop on Zibbet. So if you don't get lost reading her 2 awesome blogs, stop in and check out her Zibbet Shop.

My First Order From Mrs. Supply

Mrs. Supply is a very popular shop on Zibbet. I placed one small order from Mrs. Supply and now I can see why she has so many sales. Look at the awesome packaging job she does. Talk about coordinated!!!

The ribbon is packaged so cool, all wrapped around a wooden clothes pin. I hate to even open it. I might hang it on my bulletin board just as it is. I ordered the tree ribbon, but look what Mrs. Supply sent....additional free ribbon on another clothes pin. Thank you so much Jennifer!

Holiday Recycling

Look what I got in the mail today from a fellow Zibbeter. After I made a shop banner and business card for Nancy of Millions of Stitches , she asked me if I could use her old Christmas cards she had saved. I said, "sure, I'll make buttons out of them." They came in the mail yesterday. So far, I have made a Snowman Button Collection. Other collections to come.

Thank you Nancy.

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