Monday, December 29, 2008

Shit Button hits Etsy Treasury

Thanks to Hilda's Elements for featuring my Shit button in her treasury today.

Now that is a button that used to sell long time ago, but not as well as it sells on Etsy. Makes no sense to me that it sells as well it does. For one thing the photograph is very poor. I have considered retaking the photo, but on the other hand, since it sells so well as it is, I decided not to change it. Don't mess with a good thing.

Maybe the sh**ty photo adds to it.

You can now find the Shit Button in 2 sizes at Portable Graffiti on Zibbet.

Funny Treasury called Random Ralph

Fishstikks created a funny treasury called Random Ralph.

My vintage Honeymooners button with a photo of Ralph and Alice Kramden appeared in the treasury.

Another funny thing is that I just "randomly" discovered it. Sometimes Etsy members send a convo to let you know when your item has been picked to be used in a treasury. Sometimes they don't. I am glad I randomly happened upon this one.

If you like old TV shows, old movie stars, you can find more vintage buttons in my Etsy shop.

Or perhaps you like old cartoons or comics.

Rock and roll, both vintage and new.

If you ever get just plain bored and need some funny reading material visit my section of sayings. We used to joke about people who stayed a long time in our craft booth reading the buttons. My mother would sometimes tell them it wasn't a library. She could get away with saying things like that and they'd they start buying instead of just reading.

Custom Orders are catching on

I make custom made personalized buttons. However, with over 1,500 buttons in the shop that are already made and ready to be chosen, I think some people don't see the custom made choices.

Last night I got an order for 3 custom made buttons and had fun making them. Since I am just learning to use Photoshop, it takes me so much time to make one button, that I figure I earn about a nickel an hour.

The hand drawn, and hand lettered custom orders, as in the "Baby Button" are easier and faster for me to do.

I made these buttons for a customer, took photos of them, sent the photos to the customer to "proof" them before they bought them.

The customer was happy, I was happy, it was a fun experience.

More of the custom made buttons I can make for you are in this section of my shop.

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