Monday, December 29, 2008

Custom Orders are catching on

I make custom made personalized buttons. However, with over 1,500 buttons in the shop that are already made and ready to be chosen, I think some people don't see the custom made choices.

Last night I got an order for 3 custom made buttons and had fun making them. Since I am just learning to use Photoshop, it takes me so much time to make one button, that I figure I earn about a nickel an hour.

The hand drawn, and hand lettered custom orders, as in the "Baby Button" are easier and faster for me to do.

I made these buttons for a customer, took photos of them, sent the photos to the customer to "proof" them before they bought them.

The customer was happy, I was happy, it was a fun experience.

More of the custom made buttons I can make for you are in this section of my shop.

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