Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Packages to ship afar? How Wildfire Pottery Does It

Getting the mail at the post office today was exciting because a package arrived from Nova Scotia. I had purchased one of the Zibbet dishes made by Wildfire Pottery.

I am going to keep this wonderful little dish that says, "I Zibbet. Do you?" right by my computer. I just had to have one because do I ever zibbet!!!  I live and breathe Zibbet from the time I get up about 7 AM until midnight, sometimes 1 AM. So I can look at this dish and answer the question, "yep, you bet I do!"

If you've been considering buying a work of art from Wildfire Pottery, rest assured that no matter how far it has to travel, it will get to you safely.  Sarah Beck should get an award for packaging.

The box it came in:

What I saw when I opened it. A nice brochure and pretty tissue paper:

I read the brochure, then flipped back the pretty tissue and came upon more nice things:

It was a personal handwritten note thanking me:

So what was inside? The dishes were inside yet another nice little box. First I came upon a special gift of a little flower dish.  Wrapped in bubble wrapped to keep it safe:

Here are my 2 dishes that arrived safely:

If you want your own Zibbet Dish you can be sure it will get to you quickly and safely. And now look at all the great packaging material I have to reuse when I am sending out packages:

Thanks Sarah, for a wonderful shopping experience on Zibbet.

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