Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How To Install a Shop Banner On Zibbet

It's about time I put together the directions for the last time, of how to add a banner on Zibbet. I get asked quite often and each time I put together the directions. From now on I am going to answer any "how to" questions at my blog so I can just send the link to the answers.

Step 1: Go to your "My Zibbet" which is your back room in your shop.
You can find your back room via the link above that gray bar. Just click where it says "My Zibbet".

Step 2: Over on the right under "Shop Set-Up", click "customize your shop."

Step 3: You'll now be looking at this page that has tabs. The color choices is the default. So now you need to click the tab that says: "Shop Banner."

Step 4: Now you will be looking at this page. Choose whichever size banner you want or whatever size banner you made or had someone make for you. Like me for instance. : ) My banner is 880x120 pixels. So as you can see I have clicked on that size.

Step 5: Click "choose file" to upload your banner. Then click "Save Changes."

And that's it, your banner should now be showing in your shop.
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