Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Organic Cotton Tea Bags by Gypsy Goods on Zibbet

I'm cheating!
This is a screenshot from my Facebook page about the awesome organic cotton tea bags that Kathy of Gypsy Goods mailed to me. I love being a tester for her. I had the privilege of also testing coffee filters before she offered them in her Gypsy Goods shop. 
The coffee filters are amazing, and last forever. Think of the savings. How much do you spend of coffee filter each year? Cross them off your grocery list forevermore.
The tea bags are working out great! Others I have tried from other places have too narrow of opening. Gypsy Goods tea bags are easy to fill. They are also easy to empty. Just dump the tea into your compost or directly in your garden. Rinse the cloth tea bag, hang it to dry, and you're ready for the next cup. 
Kathy does not have the tea bags listed yet, so send her a message and tell her to get listing.
But you can find the coffee filters in her shop here:

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  1. hmmmm...interesting. tea tastes better this way? coffee too??? may have to try to coffee ones, sometimes I make two pots of coffee in a day, happens a few times a week. could be a good investment.
    Now I can dream - if only someone else would make the coffee...I bet it would taste better that way too...(well, not hubby, he makes bad coffee, can't count right or something.)

  2. ok, I would like to read from you a little more often, so I will reward you with the "Liebster Award" you can read about it here http://wp.me/p1S4Mj-6I
    How is your walking plans coming along?


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