Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Making of a Map Button

My map buttons are made from actual maps. Get a piece of the world in your very own button for ONLY $2.50

This is how they are made. My customer paid for this listing on my Portable Graffiti Zibbet shop. She requested a button with Zadar, Croatia. I searched through my big tub filled with maps until I found this map. 

I located Zadar, Croatia.....

See, there it is......

I line my trusty circle cutter up so Zadar is in the center....

...and I cut it out.

Here's the finished button....

....and the back of the button.

Each button gets packed in a cello bag to protect it.
I grab a padded mailing envelope, the other buttons and magnets that my customer ordered, one of my "thank you" business cards, a Portable Graffiti button, and a Zibbet button, to promote Zibbet.

Everything goes into the envelope and gets weighed...

I print out a Pay Pal mailing label and pay the postage on line.
I attach it to the envelope and it's ready to ship.

What place in the world would you like in your button?

Prefer a magnet or a mirror?
Just ask.
I make 4 sizes.


  1. very cool to see...especially since I have one that you made with Asheville, NC in the middle, and was lucky enought to include Weaverville, where we now live. The button is attached to my husbands camera case, the camera I now use to photo all my listings...thanks! And, where did you get your scale? I have one on my Christmas list and would love some advice!

  2. The scale I bought at Walmart. Not expensive, so put another gift on your list to Santa. : )

    Glad you like your NC map button. I'm surprised I'm not selling more of them. I mean, I would buy one. : )

  3. and the scale is accurate? the lady at the PO said beware of cheap ones...but I guess the PO is biased. theirs was $40.
    I am surprised you are not selling more NC buttons too!I think the map buttons are so cool!
    thanks for the scale tip!

  4. Seems accurate. I have had it a long time. But my packages are usually only 1 ounce, 3 ounces, sometimes 12 ounces. Okay just searched it for you. It was a little more than I remember it being $24.00

  5. Thanks for sharing! Gives me great ideas for dh is reitred Air Force, so would have many different locations! Got this on my wish list!


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