Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Gift Maker

An older blog post from my personal blog. I think I am going to post some of them here. My blog is prvate because I have been blogging since my daughters were little kidlets and just never felt safe announcing to the world where they were, where they went and yada yada.

The Purple Rat doing a sewing project to surprise her BF for his birthday

The Purple Rat bought a hat pattern and made a hat for her BF, for his birthday, so when they go to New York someday, he'll be warm.

When it was done, she tried it on to make sure it was way too big on her. And it was.
DJ with his hat on and his birthday buttons from Portable Graffiti. Lucky guy, I gave him the Archie Bunker for President button from my collection. He likes the band U-2, so I gave him some square U-2 Buttons
I think she should make some of these to sell on Zibbet, don't you? Maybe a bit larger for guys, though. ; )

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