Friday, May 28, 2010

An Oven Adventure Part II

While I was thinking all I had to do was find someone to switch the power cord onto the back of the stove and plug it in, I got this reply from the kind person who had given me the  stove.

 VERY IMPORTANT:  My husband said you need to get a new electrical terminal strip in order to re-attach the electrical cord onto the old stove.  The old one was electrically fused (happens with age) onto the back of the old stove and he had to break it off so he could disconnect the power cord from that one to connect it to the one we got you.  You're really lucky; that was a severe fire hazard!  Without that, you won't be able to reconnect the power cord. Andrew says you should look for a different stove altogether because he believes the old one is a fire hazard.

I called the appliance repair place and told them I needed this terminal strip, and after supplying the model number was told the part called a "block" is $37.50. I asked what the labor would be and they said they had to get back to me.

Fast forward to yesterday morning, one of my daughters, came in with her boyfriend and I updated her on the stove story. The BF said, just use the part off the other stove. I had no idea we could do that. I called the appliance repair place again and asked and they said, yes we could do that.

This afternoon, daughter's BF is coming over to switch parts on the 2 stoves and then he is going to haul the other stove to a recycling place to cash it in for metal white goods. He'll get, he says, about $20-30.

I'm being summoned in a few directions, so have to end this blog post.

Wishing everyone a Productive Day.


  1. That is super great! I am glad you got your oven fixed! Taking one part from one and putting on another was a great idea.

  2. To conclude the oven adventure, daughter's BF did indeed come over and switch some parts, drill some holes, add some connectors and spent about an hour working on it and I now have my old original stove back, PLUS, my old stove that always had just ONE oven rack, now has 5 oven racks. With that many racks I could go into the cracker baking business. But I won't. However, I am going to try baking crackers.


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