Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The olden days at Etsy when Etsy was small

Just ignore that little pink box over there on the right that shows no sales at Etsy. Here's the real one. I did a screenshot of it before my Etsy shop was closed down.

WOW! 1,044 sales on Etsy in one year's time. I worked my butt off to get those sales.

Now I am starting something new. Zibbet. It's new. So it's small.

This is the important part: If you've ever been in the forums on Etsy if you've heard all the complaints: Few views, no sales, and this I have heard over and over, "It's not like it used to be in the beginning of Etsy."

Sellers who have been with Etsy from the beginning tell about how wonderful it was when Etsy was SMALL.

Their items were featured often on the front page.
They could always see their new listings run across the front page on "just listed."
They had tons of views.
And sales were GREAT!

They reminisce about the olden days at Etsy when Etsy was small.

Well, now here is YOUR chance to get in on the early years and be seen, get sales, just as the old timers on Etsy did.

I have jumped into Zibbet and you should, too.

Get a Premium Shop for a Flat $7.00 month. That's $7.00 forever, or as long as you keep your shop.
NO listing fees.
NO transaction fees.

Go for it and get lots of views, lots of sales.

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