Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can you help?

Etsy closed my shop down.
I had 924 items listed.
I was all ready for a great holiday season after working really hard for weeks to make new buttons and new mirrors, take all the photos and get everything listed.

I am a single mother with no other income, except for my button shop that Etsy disintegrated with the stroke of a keyboard key.

Zibbet will give me a FREE shop, bless their hearts, if I can get just 3 more people signed up for a Premium Shop on Zibbet.

A Premium Shop will cost you a FLAT $7 per month. And that price will NEVER go up.

This is sounding like one of those "Feed the Children" ads." For $7 month you can feed an American Family of three." Sad thing is, it's true. 

If I don't get my buttons back on line fast.... well I don't know what I'll do.

If you've been thinking of opening a Zibbet premium shop, would you please consider doing it now?

Just click this link and it will take you to sign up for a Zibbet Shop and I will get credit.
When I get 3 people to sign up, I'll get my free shop.
Plus, I will blog about your shop with links and help promote your shop as a thank you.



Me and my 2 daughters, both the same age, one adopted from Brazil and one bio.
Photo taken this past July. Most recent one I could find of all 3 of us.
One daughter is going to college and the other works at a local store for minimum wage.
It's just us 3 women.
Please help if you can by opening a Premium $7 per month Zibbet Shop.

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