Monday, January 5, 2009

University Of Arizona, Tucson : Saguaro You Today?

Off we went, Jess and I, to sell buttons beyond New York State. Here we are in Tucson, Arizona. There weren't any shows going on at the university, so we found a club willing to sponsor Portable Graffiti for donating a portion of the proceeds to their club. We set up our 20 foot tent on the main commons and sold there for about a week. It was lots of fun but not very profitable.

This was back when I used black and white film in my 35mm camera.

One button we designed then and copyrighted was Saguaro You Today?

Portable Graffiti, making buttons since 1979 and you can still buy the buttons on Zibbet.

Selling the few Saguaro You Today bumper stickers that are left. Get one HERE.

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