Monday, January 5, 2009

1979 Creating a Display Booth for the Buttons

Scanned some old photos to show what Portable Graffiti was doing back in 1979 and the eighties. After I bought the button machine and made lots of buttons I had to have a display. First I set up the display out in front of my barn. Then the wind came along and knocked it down. Hey trial and error. So I brought it all across the road to the Town Hall and set it up inside the town hall. (A nice thing about a small town.) I had to do this to take slides of the booth in order to get into juried art shows.

Every single button in the display is hand drawn. The final photo got me into The Cornhill Arts Festival, and many other art shows in New York State.

Portable Graffiti, making buttons since 1979 and you can still buy the buttons at Zibbet..

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