Sunday, August 1, 2010

Don't forget to bring an APPLE for the teacher

It was started by Wanitta.
Kids Need Zipper Pulls
Cool stars to hang up notes from the teacher and report cards.

PIck an apple for the teacher.


  1. Thanks for adding my link. I will do some posting on twitter today about the sale. :)
    LeeAnne from
    Lucys Beads Studio

  2. Good luck with the sale.

    Just wanted to also stop by and say I bought I diaper from Nifty Nappy on Zibbet, they were featured in an earlier blog entry. I have an upcoming shower and of course thought of Zibbet first for my shopping needs. It looks cute and functional, I'm sure my friend will love it.

  3. Cloth Diapers are great!
    Here is that blog post again if you want to make another comment there.
    or if you want to send the link to friends.


  4. Hey, link don't work in comments? That stinks.

    I'm trying again by sticking the www. in there.

  5. I see what I did wrong.
    I posted the link to the search.
    This better work.

    Nice to know when someone actually buys things they saw in blog posts.

  6. That's great Judy!
    Thanks so much for including my shop. I have 11 shops listed on my blog so far. I'll be updating as requests come in.
    Wanitta :D


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