Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Fun on Zibbet

It's quiet today on the Internet because many families are off at the beach, family picnics, or camping trips.

Memorial Day  although a somber holiday to remember the men and women who died in wars,  has also become a time of families and friends gathering in the outdoors for food and merriment.

The first known Memorial Day was celebrated in Waterloo, New York.

If you know someone who lost a loved one you might want to take a bunch of hand picked flowers to them as depicted in this print of a painting by Patty Fleckenstein.

For those of you who are home today, may this blog post bring you some Memorial Day enjoyment as I take a spin through the wonderful art world of Zibbet. Just click on any photo caption to read more about the items.

You can also search similar words on Zibbet and come up with other items suitable for Memorial Day. See what I found using the words: flag and patriotic, and the phrase red white and blue.

Have a fun day and take a moment to tell your friends about Zibbet by sending a link to this blog post, or just sending the Zibbet web site.


  1. Thanks for featuring my bracelet...although born in the States, I live in Canada now, and didn't remember that Memorial Day can mean family picnics-so it is appropriate!
    You have a cute blog..I'm Following now..

  2. Thanks for including me in your great Memorial Day post. Hugs!

  3. Loooove the patriotic toddler! how cute is she!! great Zibbety finds for this day xo Karen


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